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Blackboard FAQs

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1. Is my Blackboard login password the same as my Banner ID/PIN?

Yes, initially, unless you change the PINs of either of these.


2. I changed my Blackboard PIN/ Banner PIN.  Can I use the password interchangeably?

No, at this time Banner and Blackboard are not integrated. That means if you change your PIN in Banner, it works only in Banner; it is not carried over to Blackboard (or vice-versa).


3. I already have an email account? Should I activate again?

What email account you have? Do you have a email account similar to Your personal email (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc) is not your official email account. 


4. What is my "A-number"? Where can I find it?

Your A-number is a unique nine-digit number beginning with the letter "A", and it is the official Banner account ID which you must use for most official University online services. You can look up your Banner ID (A-number) and PIN online here.