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DegreeWorks FAQs

  1. What is Degree Works?
    Beginning with the Fall 2011 Bulletin, the degree requirements have been scribed into AAMU Degree Works. Students' academic information in Banner is fed into AAMU Degree Works (DGW) and applied against the scribed Bulletin's degree requirements. The result is a user-friendly, eas-to-understand, "Snap Shot" of the student's current academic standing. The "Snap Shot" shows:
    • Academic reqiurements needed to obtain a specific degree.
    • Credit hours earned and applied towards completion.
    • Courses taken to date, semesters they were taken, and grades earned.
    • Transfer credits accepted by the University.
    • Currently registered courses.
    • Courses that are not applied to degree requirements.
    A "What-if" analysis may also be done to see where your already-taken courses would fit in a different major.
  2. What do I need to perform an audit?
    Must Have
    • You must have your Banner ID and password to access AAMU DGW.
    • You must be enrolled at AAMU from Fall 2011 forward or have officially changed the Bulletin that you will be obtaining your degree from to the current Bulletin.
    • You must have officially declared a major and it is listed on your Banner transcript. This is also true for minors and concentrations.
    Should Have
    • You should have a copy of your curriculum page from the Bulletin that you are following.
    • You should have a copy of the general education pages from the Bulletin that you are following.
    • You should have a copy of the minors/concentrations/electives page from the Bulletin that you ar following.
    The Bulletin pages will spell out in detail what may be abbreviated in the audit regarding requirements. If the listing of eligible courses is too long for the audit, then an "area" will be listed and you must check the Bulletin for the specific listing. Please note that if specific courses are listed in the audit, then only those courses will fulfill the requirement.
  3. How is the AAMU Degree Works (DGW) Audit organized?
    Biographical information is at the top. A sliding degree completion in percentage is next. A legend explaining the symbols in the audit follows. Next is the degree you are pursuing with the requirement sections listed for your program. The requirements sections are then broken out individually (separated by the dark bands). Lastly are the "Fallthrough" courses and the courses "In Progress."
  4. What are "Fallthrough" courses?
    Courses that are not applied to your program are found in "Fallthrough" (titled "Courses Not Used in This Program" and "Insufficient." Think of an old-fashioned pinball machine with the ball representing all the classes you have taken; the bumpers represent the requirements for your program. As the ball-courses trickles down hitting the various bumper-requirements and a course meets a requirement, it is kept in that slot. Courses that do not fulfill a slot requirement continue falling all the way down until they hit the bottom and fell through without being used.
  5. How current is the information in AAMU DGW?
    The information is updated nightly. Remember to always click "Process New" to get the latest changes to your audit before reviewing.
  6. Which students will AAMU DGW produce an audit for?
    The 2011-2012 AAMU Bulletin was scribed into AAMU DGW as a starting point and then coming forward. So students who entered AAMU Fall 2011 and after or officially move forward to the 2011-2012 Bulletin will be able to use AAMU DGW.
  7. Do I still need to have an advisor?
    Yes, you do. For example, you will still need to have your advisor to:
    • Receive the PIN to register for classes.
    • Submit course substitutions.
    • Sign your Application for Graduation.
    • Be advised.
  8. When should I look at my AAMU DGW Audit?
    There are four instances when you should definitely look at your AAMU DGW Audit:
    • Before/during meeting with your academic advisor.
    • After registering for classes to verfiy the audit is correctly reflecting these classes.
    • After your grades are posted.
    • Any time you make a change to your schedule or major to verify the audit is correctly reflecting these changes.
  9. Does an AAMU DGW Audit replace my Academic Transcript?
    No, it does not. A DGW Audit is a degree-completion tool to be used by the advisor and the student to help the student stay on track. Your Academic Transcript is your official record used and stored in the Registrar's Office.
  10. Who can access my AAMU DGW Audit?
    Specific University personnel and anyone to whom you have given your Banner ID/Password.
  11. Do I automatically graduate if everything is completed in AAMU DGW?
    No, you do not. You must submit an Application for Graduation through proper channerls to be consdered for graduation.
  12. My transferred courses are not showing -- what should I do?
    If the transferred courses are not showing within the program requirements section and is also not showing in the "Fallthrough" section, then the Admissions Office should be contacted.
  13. What if I think something is wrong on my AAMU DGW Audit?
    Contact your advisor.
  14. Can I change my major, declare a minor or concentration in AAMU DGW?
    No, you cannot. You must submit a Change of Major Form through proper channels.
  15. Can I register for classes through AAMU DGW?
    No, you cannot. You must register for classes using Banner. The registering of the classes should show up in the AAMU DGW Audit within 24 hours.