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2014 Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Conference June 2-3

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The conference focused on approaches in institutional effectiveness and assessment for measuring student success, explored insights in writing techniques for SACS reporting, as well as, explained ways to ensure faculty qualifications for verifying compliance issues.

Conference Presentations:

  1. Writing and Preparing and Effective SACS Compliance Document​ (Caples)

  2. Evaluating Faculty Credentials (Wims)
  3. Assessing Academics and Academic Support Unit (Newkirk)

  4. Enhancing Student Success ( Bennett)
  5. Assessing Student Support and Academic Support Services (Coaxum)
  6. Placement Activities for Non-Traditional Students (Clayton)
  7. Evaluation: General Ed, Programs and Responding to Federal Compliance Issues (Jones)
  8. Enhancing Student Support Services (Welch)
  9. Preparing for a Successful Reaffirmation (Sullivan)
  10. Preparing For a Substantive Change (Stewart)
  11. President's Perspective on Accreditation (Newbould)
  12. Improving Graduate School Attendance (Vaughn)

  13. Using Assessment to Improve Grant Activity (Geter)
  14. Enhancing the Academic Success of First Time Students (Adams)
  15. How to Secure Initial Accreditation (Chambers/Sims)
  16. Incorporating MOOCS into the Curriculum, Value vs. Fad (Olten)