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  A guide to Dewey Classification or How

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EBSCOhost Tutorials
Advanced Search - Guided Style (3 min) Advanced Search - Guided Style - Video Advanced Search with Guided Style - Flash Advanced Search - Guided Style - PowerPoint
Advanced Search - Single Find (3 min) Advanced Search - Single Find - Video Advanced Search - Single Find - Flash Tutorial Advanced Search - Single Find - PowerPoint
Audiobooks on EBSCOhost (5 min) Audiobooks on EBSCOhost - Video Audiobooks on EBSCOhost - Flash Tutorial Audiobooks on EBSCOhost - PowerPoint
Basic Search (3 min) Basic Search - Video Basic Search - Flash Tutorial Basic Search - PowerPoint
Creating a Journal Alert (2 min) Creating a Journal Alert - Video Creating a Journal Alert - Flash Creating a Journal Alert - PowerPoint
Creating a Search Alert (2 min) Creating a Search Alert - Video Creating a Search Alert - Flash Creating a Search Alert - PowerPoint
eBooks on EBSCOhost - Downloading (4 min) eBooks on EBSCOhost � Downloading - Video eBooks on EBSCOhost � Downloading - Flash Tutorial eBooks on EBSCOhost � Downloading - PowerPoint
eBooks on EBSCOhost - Searching (4 min) eBooks on EBSCOhost � Searching - Video eBooks on EBSCOhost � Searching - Flash Tutorial eBooks on EBSCOhost � Searching - PowerPoint
EBSCOhost Integrated Search (7 min) EBSCOhost Integrated Search - Video EBSCOhost Integrated Search - Flash EBSCOhost Integrated Search - PowerPoint
EBSCOhost iPhone Application EBSCOhost iPhone Application - PowerPoint
EBSCOhost Result List (6 min) EBSCOhost Result List - Video EBSCOhost Result List - Flash Tutorial EBSCOhost Result List - PowerPoint
Introduction to EBSCOhost (7 min) Introduction to EBSCOhost - Video Introduction to EBSCOhost - Flash Tutorial Introduction to EBSCOhost - PowerPoint
My EBSCOhost (5 min) My EBSCOhost - Video My EBSCOhost - Flash Tutorial My EBSCOhost - PowerPoint
Reading an Article in EBSCOhost (3 min) Reading an Article in EBSCOhost - Video Reading an Article in EBSCOhost  - Flash Reading an Article in EBSCOhost  - PowerPoint
Using CINAHL and MeSH Headings (6 min) Using CINAHL and MeSH Headings - Video Using CINAHL and MeSH Headings  - Flash Using CINAHL and MeSH Headings  - PowerPoint
Using EBSCOhost Search History (3 min) Using EBSCOhost Search History - Video Using EBSCOhost Search History Using EBSCOhost Search History - PowerPoint
Visual Search (5 min) Visual Search - Video Visual Search - Flash Visual Search - PowerPoint


Look at each database for HELP links. Some examples are:



WILSONWEB QUICK START GUIDES (many AVL resources are through Wilson)

Boolean Searching


Broaden or narrow your search by combing words or phrases using the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT.


The results of performing Boolean searches are sometimes illustrated by the diagrams below (called Venn diagrams.) The diagrams show graphically how

using the AND operator narrows a search,
using OR broadens a search,
and using NOT excludes material from a search.


Many databases and search engines have an Advanced Search interface that allows for Boolean searching; you can also try just using a Boolean operator in the main search box.



Example Search

The search will find...

Venn Diagram

results shown in pink





north carolina and prohibition


items containing "North Carolina" and "prohibition." AND narrows a search, resulting in fewer hits.






zimbabwe or rhodesia


items containing either "Zimbabwe" or "Rhodesia" or both. OR broadens a search, resulting in more hits.





mexico not new mexico


items containing "Mexico" but not "New Mexico." Caution! It's easy to exclude relevant items.