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Agripedia is an Internet Accessible Interactive Multimedia Instructional Resource, developed by the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture created with a USDA Higher Education Program Grant.

Web Resoucrce HighlightsAgripedia from the University of Kentucky
Web Resource HighlightsAgricultural Resource Management Survey
Great list of resources
Web Resource HighlightsIowa State E-Library
Web Resource HighlightsNational Academy of Agricultural Research Management (Indian Council of Agricultural Research)
Web Resource HighlightsThe School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Website
Ohter Online ResourcesU.S. Department of Agriculture
Other Online ResourcesGoogle Directory:  Good list of relevant links
Other Online ResourcesGoogle Top Science, Agriculture, Soils
Statistics related
to Agriculture and other Areas

Free Online Database ResourcesFAOSTAT
Rare, Threatened & Endangered Mammals
Free Online Database ResourcesAnimal Info
Aquatic, Wetland, and Invasive Plant Database
Free Online Database ResourceesAPIRS Online
Field guides to plants and animals
Free Online Database ResourceseNature
A Global Information System on Fishes
Free Online Database ResourcesFishbase
A Master Bibliography of Ant Literature
Free Online Database ResourcesFORMIS
Free Online Database ResourcesFS Info Database
Free Online Database ResourcesThe Forest Service Information Database Insect Bibliography
Free Online Database ResourcesThe International Plant Names Index
Free Online Database ResourcesNational Image Library (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
Environmental Protection
Agency Documents

Free Online Database ResourcesNEPIS
Free Online Database ResourcesOrganic Eprints
About scale insects (Coccoidea)

Free Online Database ResourcesScaleNet
Free Online Database ResourcesUNEP-WCMC Conservation Databases
Free Online Database ResourcesUrban Forestry
Free Online Database ResourcesWorld Biodiversity Database