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Check out your books and Instructors' RESERVE MATERIALS at the Circulation Desk.


Checking out your materials:

All books taken from the LRC must be properly checked out at the Circulation Desk.  Students must present a current, validated ID card, inclusive of the LRC barcode, when checking out resources. 

Undergraduate students
may check out a maximum of ten books at a time for a one-month (30 days) loan period.

Graduate students
may also check out a maximum of ten books at a time for a three-month (90 days) loan period. 

All books must be returned at the end of the semester.  If not returned, the books will automatically be declared lost and a bill for the cost of the book(s), the processing fee, and the fine will be submitted to  Financial Services (Business Office) for collection from the borrower.



Fines will be assessed at twenty-five cents ($.25) per day per book up to a maximum of $15.00.  After the accumulation of a $15.00 fine (30 days), the book will be declared lost.  At that time, patrons will be charged the cost of the book, a $20.00 processing fee, plus the maximum $15.00 fine for each lost book.  The cost of the book(s) will be repaid to the patron if the book(s) are found and returned to the LRC.  However, the processing fee and fine are non-refundable and must be paid.  If a book that is checked out is returned directly to the shelf without being properly desensitized at the Circulation Desk, the patron is responsible for the amount of fine accumulated from the date due until found or the maximum fine of $15.00.

All books not returned to the LRC at the end of each semester are automatically assumed lost and a bill for the cost of the book, the processing fee, plus the fine is sent to Financial Services for collection from the borrower.



All books in the circulating collections may be borrowed for a one-month period.  Books may be renewed for an additional month providing there is no "hold" requests for them.  Alabama A&M students with a current, validated ID Card with barcode may check out a maximum of 10 books at a time.  Students should be sure that they understand the rules and regulations regarding the return and use of LRC resources prior to checking them out.


Book loans must be renewed in person.  Telephone renewals will not be accepted.  All circulating books can continue to be renewed up to a maximum of three consecutive renewals unless a "recall" or "hold" has been placed on them.  However, overdue books cannot be renewed until all fines have been paid.


Recalls can only be requested by graduate students, faculty, and staff members.  Recalled books are due ten days after the recall notice is sent.  A seventy-five cents ($.75) per item per day fine will be assessed for books not returned after the ten day grace period.  No recalls will be requested until the patron has had the book checked out for a minimum of thirty days.  Patrons will be notified when recalled books have been returned.  These books will be held at the Circulation Desk for ten days, after which they will be returned to the stacks, if not claimed.


Book Return

A book depository, located near the front door of the facility, is available for the return of books when the LRC is closed.


Reference Books

Reference books are located on open shelves on the second floor.  Reference books do not circulate as a general policy, however, they can be checked out for use with classroom presentations.  These books may be checked out 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the class and returned immediately after the end of the class period.  A fine of seventy-five ($.75) per day per item is charged for overdue reference materials.



Reserve materials are those books, articles, etc., that have been placed on reserve in the LRC by faculty members for student use in the LRC.  A current, validated ID Card is required to receive reserve materials.  Reserve materials are located at the Circulation Desk.


Theft and Mutilation

The theft and/or mutilation of LRC resources are offenses that will be reported to the Vice President for Student Affairs for appropriate action.  The fine assessed for the mutilation of resources is $25.00 per item in addition to the cost of the item.  Thirty hours of service performed in the LRC is also required (calculated at the minimum wage of $5.15 per hour x30 = $154.50).  However, students my opt to pay the $25.00 cost of the item, plus the $154.50 in lieu of performing the 30 hours of service.

Circulation Policy

Materials held by the LRC are circulated to the University community according to rules which ensure the widest access to information.  A fine system is enforced to ensure all patrons maximum access to learning resources.  Repeated, flagrant violations will be considered cause for the suspension of borrowing privileges.