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Print & Publication Procedure

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University Publication and Print Procedure


Prior to publication, all print and web-based documents receive rigorous review to ensure accuracy.


All materials for publication are forwarded directly to the Office of Marketing & Public Relations for approval at for editorial review and consultation, when deemed necessary, with the publications review committee.  This responsive committee is appointed by the President to help ensure accuracy and consistency.  


The publications review committee is charged with tracking and making non-academic changes to publications subject to the approval from the appropriate checklist.jpg
vice president or his/her designee. 
Moreover, the publication review committee completes a comprehensive, line-by-line review of the publication.


All materials for web and print, as well as photo requests for the University, must be preapproved by the Office of Marketing, Communications & Advancement via the Marketing and Public Relations unit. This includes, but is not limited to, brochures, images, publications, invitations, save-the-date cards, programs, citations, commemorative plaques, and logos, use of logo or seal and tribute books.  This mandatory review does not include academic and research materials.




  • Proposed printed materials should be forwarded via e-mail in PDF or JPEG format, along with any mockup draft design (not just text copy), to with “Publication Review” in the subject line

  • A minimum of five working days should be allowed for the printed piece to be approved

  • Printed materials may not go to print until they have final approval




Photographs of the University used in printed materials must be approved in advance by the Office of Marketing & Public Relations.  Photographic resources are also available on the Marketing and Public Relations webpage.  Please send requests for publication approval to


Example 1: 

The Office of Graduate Studies wants to highlight its programs to prospective students in the East-Central Alabama vicinity via a newspaper advertisement.  An e-mail (or letter) is sent to the Office of Marketing and Public Relations entailing


the type of audience, budget, aim, timeframe, etc.  On this occasion, the Graduate Studies dean requests assistance with design and wording.  The request is received, a design is prepared and the document is submitted to the dean and members of the publications review committee.  Once dean has signed off on the proposed design and content, additional edits are received from committee members, and the document is sent directly to the vendor with a statement of approval.


Example 2:

The College of Education, Humanities and Behavioral Sciences wants to prepare a brochure on its Ed.S. degree program in higher education administration. It has decided to use a design prepared by a program graduate and is requesting approval before printing and dissemination.  Timely EdSBrochureCover.jpg
correspondence is forwarded via e-mail to the Office of Marketing and Public Relations ( requesting editing and design review of the document.  Once received, the Administrative Secretary in the Office of Marketing and Public Relations logs in the document.  The document is reviewed for editorial content and accuracy.  It is simultaneously reviewed for visual appeal and suggestions by a publication design professional who is an integral part of the publication review team.  The combined suggestions are returned to the College of Education, Humanities and Behavioral Sciences requesting

revisions.  When the corrected document is returned, the revised document will be compared against the suggested changes.  A statement of approval will be granted, if no further revisions are deemed necessary.


Thus, all materials for web and print, as well as any photo requests, are sent directly to the Office of Marketing & Public Relations for approval at for editorial review and consultation, as appropriate, with design professionals.  Once the process has been adhered to, a statement of approval granted, and the document printed, please forward copies (2) of the final printed piece to:


Office of Marketing and Public Relations

Alabama A&M University

P.O. Box 1027 (303 Patton Hall)

Normal, AL 35762



“Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University reflects the uniqueness of the traditional land-grant institution combining teaching, research, service, liberal arts, and vocational fields. The University offers baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral level degrees that are compatible with the times to all qualified and capable individuals who are interested in further developing their technical, scientific, professional, and scholastic skills and competencies. The University operates in the three-fold function of teaching, research, extension and other public service. Alabama A&M University, a center of excellence, provides an educational environment for the emergence of scholars, scientists, leaders, critical thinkers, and other contributors to a global society.” 


EEO Disclaimer:

Alabama A&M University (AAMU) is committed to equality of educational opportunity and does not discriminate against applicants, students or employees based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, or disability.  Moreover, AAMU is open to people of all races and actively seeks to promote diversity. 



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