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AAMU Scoreboard Drive

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Alabama A&M University needs your support NOW by making a donation to purchase a new scoreboard for Louis Crews Stadium and advertising video board on North Memorial Parkway.  To accomplish both, we need your help in raising $1 million by Sunday, May 6, 2018, which marks the conclusion of the 143rd observation of Alabama A&M University’s founding. 




Louis Crews Stadium is the largest football stadium in North Alabama and the fifth largest in the state, with a seating capacity of 22,000.  The current scoreboard is obsolete and is becoming increasingly difficult and more expensive to maintain.  A new scoreboard and advertising video board would also provide opportunities for a new revenue stream as Alabama A&M University would have the ability to engage the corporate community through paid advertisements.


With more than 50,000 in attendance at Louis Crews Stadium annually and more than 45,000 traveling North Memorial Parkway daily, a new advertising videoboard and scoreboard will create a broader presence and marketing opportunity in our community. In order to have our brand new, state-of-the-art scoreboard and video board installed by the 2018 Football Season, we must have $1 million in hand by May 6, 2018.  Help us to meet our May 6th goal by donating today.  You may click to make your tax deductible gift now!



 Join the Normalites Who Are

"In The Game"


BulldogMascot.jpg.jpg$100K and Above






Athletic Community Resource Group

Aloma M. Battle*

Ronald and Patricia McIntosh, Sr.



Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.-Psi Xi Omega Chapter

George E. Baker

Erskine Banks

Douglas C. and Jannie Bonner

Eddie J. and Mitchelle S. Brooks

DeWayne O. Carter

James E. Clay

Patsy L. Coats

Langdon B. and Annice F. Conaway

Henry B. and Willie M. Crittenden

Edna R. Deavers

Tracy A. Gates

Trustee Ginger Harper

Horace C. and Sarah C. Hawkins, Sr.

Bryan Hicks

Freeman and Janie M. Holifield

First Lady Abbiegail Hugine

President Andrew Hugine, Jr.

James L. and Lavon M. L. Jennings

Thomas R. F. and Ruby B. Jones

Lockheed Martin 

Rudolph A. and Anice C. Love

Stoney and Bernice Massey

Charles and Georgia Mitchell

Michael D. and Carolyn Morns

William H. and Debra J. Reeves, Sr.

Bessie T. Roberts

Trustee Chris Robinson

Santee R. and Elouise Simuel

Southeast Safety Solutions

Roderic Steakley

Travers C. Sutherland

Kerry L. and Resa G. Turk

Robert F. and  Eloise O. Turk, Sr.

George C. and Dora W. Washington, III

John T. and Eliza Webb

Eugene G. and Jetties White




Cynthia E. Adams

AAMU Anniston Alumni Chapter

Alvin Presnell, Jr. Ins. Agency Inc.


Margie R. Artis

Associates in Gastroenterology P.C.

Mary S. Barker

Lee J. and Rose I. Beavers

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Albert and Annie J. Benifield, Jr.

Mark Berry

Darrell Bibb

Dorothy R. Blake

Blankenship and Associates, P.C.


Arthur D. and Wilma T. Booker

Henry* and Dollie B. Bradley

Willie M. Thatch Bristow

Wendell W. Brooks

Alexander Brown

John and Barbara Cady

Ernestine J. Carter

Rosalyn A. Childress

Joseph O. and Edna G. Collins

Houston Conley

Robert and Margaret C. Crenshaw

Gary Crosby

Lucinda J. Crutcher

Erroll M. and Carolyn R. Culpepper

Napoleon and Arwilda J. Culver

Phillip R. and Theresa D. Cummings

Clifton D. Davis

Priscilla N. Davis

Edna R. Deavens

Mark and Ane Debro

Lamonte Dent

Debbie R. Dudley

Jimmy Dumas

Isaac J. and Judy J. Edmond

Peggy Etheridge

Julian Fanning

Anthony and Claudinette P. Fears

Claude H. and Carrie R. Foushee

Milton W. and Carolyn P. French

Andrew J. and Dorothy T. Fuller

Connie L. Fuqua

John L. Gibbons

Freddie A. and Syrvillia M. Gilchrist

Lamar and Edith F. Giles

Malinda Gilmore

Rufus and Agnes Gilmore, III

Clayton Gibson

Michael J. and Zelda C. Goggans

Kenneth C. and Jennifer L. Gover.

Damein Green

Jimmie Hall

Dorothy J. Haynes

Latonya A. Henry

James O. and Willie M. Heyward

Mac A. and Cora L. Howard

James R. Hrobowski

Linda T. Hunt

Inspiring Smiles Family Dentistry

J H JR and Associates, LLC.

Gary and Melva Jackson

Charlie Johnson

Charlie J. and Zethelyn Johnson

Willie R. Johnson

Herman K. and Bettye P. Johnston

Harold V. Jones

Mandisa Jones

Altricia Jordan

Earl Jordan

Shelbia N. King

Ernest and Marian E. Knight

Donald R. Knowles

Larry C. and Shirley A. Lauderdale

Irene W. Lawson

Richard A. Lee

Javonne L. and Jerone Levy

Douglas E. Lightner

Daniel and Gesna H. Littlefield

Elias R. and Ruth A. Lumpkins

Regina P. Malisham

Kimberley Marshall

Lloyd Marshall

James A.* and Joyce D. Martin

David H. and Jacqueline G. Marzette

William and Dorothy A. Mayweather

Eddie McCoy

Donnie and Belinda M. McNealey

Thomas J. Means

Thomas L. and Carolyn M. Montgomery

Barbara J. Moore Kim G. Moore

Sultan Moore, Jr.

Hobdy and Betty Moorer, III

Wendell L. and Julia E. Morgan

Council L. and Rita L. Morrow

Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church

Olatunde A. Ogunyemi

Jeffrey H. Owens

Warren E. Owens

Willie R. and Sharon B. Palmer

Bobby T. and Louise G. Petty

Pinkie Platt

Abe and Deborah W. Plummer, Jr.

Alvin and Melissa F. Presnell, Jr.

Cornell and Janet P. Radford

Anita J. Rankin

Marvin G. and Carrie J. Rice

Gloria D. Robinson

Melvin and Virginia Robinson

Elliott B. Shine

Rayvell and Josephine Smith

Wayne and Eleanor S. Snodgrass

Donald J. and Barbara J. Snow

Vera Spencer-Johnson

Bradford and Emarilyn Stephens

Elbethel Stevens

Freddie Stewart, Jr.

Rabin P.* and Denise H.  Stovall

Annie L. Suggs

Perry and Marilynn Suggs

Arjun Tan

Marlin C. and Lozona Q. Tate, Jr.

Alicia Taylor

Thomas and Ouida Taylor

Clarene Teague-Johnson

Sadie R. Todd

Kevin M. and Tameka R. Tolbert

Archie and Veronica Tucker, II

Robert J. Turner, Jr.

Dora R. Valentine

Carol A. Watkins

Benjamin and Gwendolyn J. Wesley

Anderson D. Williams

Trustee Jerome B. Williams

Lillie M. Williams

Stephanie S. Wilson

Walter L. and Hattie J. Wilson, Jr.

Daniel K. Wims

Frank C. and Debora P. Winters




$99.99 and Below

Belinda A. Andrews


Laverne Askew

Lucinda Bassham

Paula Battle

Mildred Blackshear

Leonard A. and Melinda D. Bredwood

Wilbert L. Brooks

Marzell Brown

Renetta G. Brown

Thedis Bryant

Gerald and Toya P. Burton

John H. Byrd

Valerie Campbell

Frederick G. and Brenda F. Carodine, Jr.

Robert Carter

Willie L. Carter

Lester J. Cox

Ellioutt M. and Andrea J. Cunningham

Victoria Davidson

Kim M. Davis

Fred and Tometta M. Dendy

Debbie R. Dudley

Joyce A. Dumas 

Linda W. Dumas

Linda D. Duncan

Alphonso and Nina E. Edwards

Eric D. and Vernessa M. Edwards

Althea H. Farley

Ella Flowers

Theromiles and Mary Flowers

Jimmie and Geraldine D.  Floyd

James W. Foster

Odessa P. Fouse

Betty Frazier

Derrick D. Fulghum

David Fuqua

Brenda P. Gamble

Tonarius Gooden

Damein Green

Demetria Green

Wanda T. Hawkins

Julian R. and Ciearra S. Heidelberg

Sarah W. Hrobowski

Roderick Hudson

Imani Pearls Community Development 

Scottie O. Jackson

Mozelle H. Jaffree

Claudette F. Johnson

Reginald E. and Bernadeia Johnson

Kenneth W. K. and Glenda D.  Jones

Yawna Jones

Cedric L. Knott Erika E. Lacour

Lisa W. Likely 

Clark W. Malone, Jr.

Thomas M. and Charlene Marshall

Dennis Martin

Monica McLendon

Ralph and Josephine Metcalf

Otis Mitchell

Raymond E. and Julia Mondy

Sylvette Monroe

Kenya N. Montgomery

Brittany Morton

G. J. Mounger

Reverend Wiley C. and Mary L. Neal

Olatunde A. Ogunyemi

Woodrow and Geraldine Parks

Melba J. Payne

Mary N. Peagler

Ava Y. Pearson

Ralph Pennington, Jr.

Willie and Mel Prince

Patric Quinney

Billy O. and Rose P. Rice 

Earlie E.* and Evelyn S. Rich

Constance D. Richards

Arthur Robinson

Bernard and Veronica Rogers

Annie M. Russell

Jerome and Marilyn Saintjones

Malissa Sanderson

Jeanette A. Scissum

Kim Seals

Edna Sheridan

Daniel W. and Edith W. Simpson

Fred and Cornelia R. Smith

Ellen H. Smith

Glady J. Smith

Lisa Spencer

Mary E. M. Strong

Robert A. and Estoria B. Taylor

Gwendolyn I. Taylor

Lowrenzo C. Taylor

David D. Thomas

Latoria Thomas-Lee

JaNai Thompson

Pamela H. Thompson

Rudolph and Reba Trammell

Waymon A. Tullis

Waynetta L. Turner

Melissa Walker Yong Wang

Valerie Warren

William D. W. and Pauline B. Washington

Cary Watkins

Shaundrea Watkins

LaTricia White

Clinton O. Williams

Corey K. Williams

Corine Williams

Ursula Y. Williams

Robyn D. Wilson

Fredrick Withers 

Shirley J. Wright