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Campus Emergency Procedures

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Bel​ow you wil​l find Campus Emergency information for the following:

  • Evacuation Procedures

  • Fire 

  • Campus Lockdown

  • Power Outage

  • Severe Weather

  • Suspicious Persons


Evacuation Procedures

  • Evacuate buildings using the nearest exit or alternate exit if nearest exit is blocked or unsafe to use.

  • Do not use elevators

  • Secure any hazardous material or equipment before leaving.

  • Provide assistance to persons with disabilities or special needs.

  • Evacuate at least 100 feet from buildings.

  • Buildings managers will account for all personnel.

  • Proceed to the designated evacuation assembly point (EAP) if possible.



  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station and call 911 if possible.

  • Evacuate the building.

  • Do not enter building unless authorized by emergency personnel.


Suspicious Objects

  • Do not touch, smell, or disturb object.

  • Call Campus Safety at ext 5555

  • Notify a dean, department head, or supervisor.

  • Prepare to evacuate the building.


Campus Lockdown

  • Residential housing–proceed to assigned room/apartment and lock the door.

  • Classroom/administrative building–enter the nearest building. Proceed to classroom or office with lockable door if possible.

  • Building managers are responsible for locking classroom buildings.

  • Residential Life Staff is responsible for securing residential housing.

  • Vehicles approaching campus–do not attempt to enter campus; gates will be locked.

  • Stay away from doors and windows.

  • Remain until the all-clear is given by Campus Safety.


Power Outage

  • Remain calm; provide assistance to others if necessary.

  • Move cautiously to a lighted area.

  • Turn off and un-plug computers and other voltage-sensitive equipment.


Severe Weather

  • When the siren is activated (continuous wail), the following procedures will apply:

  • Residential housing–follow the instructions of the Hall Staff for shelter procedures.

  • Classroom/administrative buildings–move to an inner room if possible; drop and cover under a desk or sturdy table.

  • Stay away from windows.

  • Assist persons with disabilities or special needs.

  • Remain until the all-clear is given by Campus Safety.


Suspicious Persons

Do not approach. Contact Public  Safety immediately with the following information:


  • Physical description (i.e., race, sex, clothing, and approximate height and weight).

  • Location and/or direction of travel.

  • Behavior being exhibited.


  Do not block the person’s access to an exit.​​​​​​





Public Safety

​P.O. Box 264

Normal, AL 35762​​


P: 256.372.5555

F: 256.372-8336 


Emergency Numbers