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Activity #10- Strengthening Physical Facilities

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AAMU is a leading research institution with world class programs. The continued success of these programs is greatly dependent upon the upgrade and existence of well maintained, state–of-the-art research and laboratory facilities as well as being able to provide a safe environment for students by being complaint with federal and state safety regulations.

AAMU has strategically developed a plan through the HBGI Activity, Strengthening Physical Facilities, which proposes to:

  1. To Enhance the University’s structural, mechanical, electrical, and appearance of facilities through renovations, equipment, maintenance and improvements. This will be accomplished through renovations, corrective and deferred maintenance, an improving academic, living and learning, classroom, libraries, laboratories, and research facilities by September, 2019.
  2. Address ADA, life, fire and physical Safety of the students, faculty and staff, through upgrades of academic, instructional, and campus wide spaces.  These projects plan to be completed by the summer of 2015. Funding is requested in the amount of $128,190.00

Additionally, this activity will support the University’s strategic goals by enhancing the University’s instructional facilities that support STEM disciplines.

Activity Director: Mr. Brian Shipp

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 256-372-4276