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Activity #9- Strengthening Teacher Education Graduate Studies

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The need to provide support for students seeking to earn the master’s degree continues to be a problem for minority students and especially African Americans.  This point is borne out by the number of African Americans who begin graduate programs and drop out; those who begin graduate programs and finish in five to six years; and the number of students who must work two and three jobs merely to support their matriculation.

Alabama A&M University offers masters programs in 20 different education programs.  These programs are in various areas including traditional early childhood, elementary education, reading and special education; vocational and career technical programs; and programs in secondary certification programs.

In order to improve the number of African Americans pursuing the master’s degree without difficulties, this proposal is designed to support five students in various graduate programs to encourage full-time enrollment while engaging in scholarly endeavors.

Activity Director: Dr. Lena Walton 

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Telephone Number: 256-372-5500