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Requisition for Airfare Instructions

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(The requisition form is found on Purchasing's website)


Note: Contact the Purchasing Department to inquire which travel agency the University is using prior to contacting a travel agency and securing flight cost/information.

1.      Reference Number: Leave blank.

2.      Attention of: Your name and room/building information.

3.      Organization Unit Name:  Your department name.

4.      Quantity: Because of how the requisition form is set up, you need to enter the number 1.

5.      Inventory: Skip this box.

6.      Description: Complete this section by stating “request air fare for name of traveler (yourself most cases), conference information (name of conference, city/state and date(s)).

7.      Unit Cost: The airfare amount goes here. Tab over and the amount will automatically appear in the Total Cost column.

8.      Vendor #: Put the vendor number for the travel agency. You can call Purchasing to see which travel agency the University is using.

9.      Name and Address of Suggested Vendor(s): Put the travel agency name and address in the box.

10.  Requested By: The traveler should sign the requisition.

11.  Attach the flight information (itinerary).

12.  Attach a copy of your approved application for Professional Development Assistance that was emailed to you.

13.  Submit the documents to Title III.

14.  Title III will complete the process by assigning budget information and entering into Banner.