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Activity #2: Improving Retention through Excellence in Education and Service

Abstract: It is the University’s goal to improve its retention, persistence and graduation rates by 5% within the next five years. To achieve this goal and support its mission, the University will establish an Office of Student Success as outlined in its strategic plan and the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The factors affecting retention at AAMU and time-to-degree-completion are complex. Improving our retention and graduation rates will be an integrated effort between the Offices of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Financial Aid, Residential Life & Housing, Public Safety, Physical Facilities and the Department of Athletics. Students choose to stay or leave based on numerous reasons, including financial aid, advising, facilities placement in Mathematics and English, housing, job opportunities, lack of seamless administrative and customer service practices and support, dissatisfaction with instruction and personal reasons.


Activity Director: Dr. Constance Adams
Email Address:
Telephone Number: 256-372-4427