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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What do I need to qualify as a transfer student?


A. You MUST have:

      •  At least 12 transferrable semester hours OR 18 transferrable quarter hours
      •  Be in good academic standing at the previous institution attended
                (cannot be on academic warning, probation, or suspension)
      •  Have a minimum 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
      •  Transfer from a school that is regionally accredited


Q. I filled out an application, what is the next step?


A. The next step is to ensure that you request an official transcript be sent from ALL previously attended institutions to:

Attn: Patrice Broaden

P.O. Box 908

Normal, AL 35762

     * Please note that your application WILL NOT be processed/finalized until ALL official transcripts have been received.


Q. I have been accepted. When will I know what credits transferred?


A. Credit evaluation is done upon acceptance and is included in your acceptance packet.


Q. When can I register for classes?


A.  The credit evaluation must be processed and completed before a transfer student can register for classes. Those students transferring without a declared major MUST contact the Academic Advising Office. Those students transferring 31 or more hours, and a declared major MUST contact their school coordinator for advising PRIOR to registering for any classes. The contact information for these departments will be included in the transfer credit letter included in your acceptance packet.


Q. I did not receive all the transfer credits on my transcript. What happened?


A. There are several answers to this question:

     1. To be transferrable a class must not be a developmental, religious, technical, occupational, or orientation course.

     2. You must have earned a "C" or better in the class.

     3. The class cannot be 10 years or older

     4. The class in question was "in progress" when you were accepted to the University. Please make sure that you have sent an official transcript at the end of the semester in which you applied and had classes "in progress".

Q. I've been accepted and received my acceptance packet with my transfer equivalency worksheet, what do I do next?

A. You must now contact your academic college coordinator.