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FOUNDED:    August 15, 2000, formally known as the Maroon Mirage Basketball Dance-Team

PURPOSE:    To represent and serve AAMU and the community, promote school spirit, and support our athletic teams.

MISSION:    The AAMU Basketball Dancers will support the University as a pom/spirit dance squad to motivate school spirit among the AAMU athletic teams, student body, the community, and fans. The Dance-team will perform a variety of dances such as pom, hip-hop, jazz, and etc., during basketball season for the men and women basketball half-time game show. The team will also participate in other AAMU athletic sports events as deemed necessary. This organization will encourage dancers to be successful in educational endeavors, encourage high academic achievements, train in many aspects of dance to enhance dance skills, and build strong friendships. Dancers will display good sportsmanship, positive attitudes, and competitiveness at all times.

The organization consist of undergrad and graduate students of Alabama A&M University.  College students must maintain a 2.5 GPA and graduating high school students must have a 2.0 Grade Point Average on a 4.0 scale. Prospective candidates must have an unofficial transcript submitted to the Coaches before auditioning for membership. 

Students must audition each year for membership on the squad. Auditions are held during the Spring semester, however Fall auditions may be held when deemed necessary.  All new candidates must have at least two years of dance experience with school or dance company.

Note: Dancers attend summer camp (UDA) each year. (Required)

​NOTE: Members must audition each year.