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Introducing GoogleApps

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Anyone with a BulldogEmail address may use Google Apps for free. Below is a partial list of some of the most popular applications offered by Google.

BulldogMail: Google Mail for AAMU

Enjoy Google's powerful email program without the ads, and with over 7GB of storage space, you can forget about quotas. Stay connected with built-in IM, voice and video chat, IMAP and POP message access, and more.

Docs: Made for Collaboration

Easily create and share a variety of online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and export them to your favorite desktop program. Share the with your group and make changes in realtime -- all with mobile access.

Calendar: Events Made Easy

Organize your life with a simple online calendar. Keep a calendar for yourself, share another with your friends, and subscribe to public calendars to stay up on all the great events on campus.

Sites: Your Place on the Web

Effortlessly build shared websites that include videos, images, gadgets and documents.

Talk: An Easy Way to Chat

Chat with your friends and classmates on the web or on your desktop. Free instant messaging, calling (VOIP), voicemail and file transfer make staying in touch a breeze.

What is Google Apps at AAMU?
Apps at AAMU provides AAMU students with an AAMU gateway to Google's online services -- allowing you to take advantage of Google's email, productivity, and collaboration tools.

Should I sign up if I already have GMail?
Yes. You'll be creating a new GMail account through AAMU GoogleApps. This will not affect your personal GMail account.