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Student of Concern

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Where can I get a Student of Concern Form?

Click HERE to electronically submit a concern 

What is the purpose of the Student of Concern form?

The Student of Concern allows you to express concerns related to a particular AAMU student, staff, or Faculty member and is submitted directly to the Office of Health & Counseling Services. Health and Counseling Services facilitates communication, assists in developing strategic interventions and coordinates management of ongoing or recurring problems. The ultimate goal is to decrease the potential of high risk behaviors and mental health emergencies. All report will be handled expeditiously and confidential.

When should I consider completing a Student Concern Form?

If the incident is critical, action may immediately be taken to mandate the removal of a student pending an evaluation and approval for continuance in an educational environment. In case of emergencies, contact Department of Public Safety at (256) 372-5555.
However for situations that involve behaviors that could be considered of concern are considered:
Ø  Use of profanity or pejorative language
Ø  Intoxication
Ø  Verbal abuse (e.g., taunting, badgering, intimidation)
Ø  Harassment (e.g., use of "fighting words," stalking)
Ø  Verbal threats to harm oneself or others
Ø  Physical violence (e.g., shoving, grabbing, assault, use of weapons)
Ø  Talking to self or discussions about religion, oppression or how others are out to get them.
What happens if I submit a Student of Concern Form?
1.      The incident is documented through the student of concern for and given to a staff counselor.
2.      The information will be discussed amongst the counseling staff to determine what appropriate steps can be taken. This process also includes gathering any information on the student through contact with involved Departments, Reporting Party, and any other applicable on-campus entity. This process will occur in all situations.
3.      The Health and Counseling center will make the determination on whether assistance from the Department of Public Safety is needed when reaching out to the student.
4.      After reaching out to the student, a recommendation will be made regarding their actions. The type of recommendations made will vary depending on the nature of the behavioral incident. And for those students who fail to comply with the recommendation(s) or does not follow up with DPS/HCS, may be referred to the University’s Student Judicial Affairs’ Officer and may summarily be removed from the University for ‘Failure to comply’.
When will the document reviewed?
This form is reviewed during normal business hours and it is not monitored after hours, on weekends or on University holidays. The AAMU Department of Public Safety is also available to respond to immediate concerns 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For any immediate concerns about the health or safety of a student, or of the AAMU community because of a student, please call AAMU Department of Public Safety at 256-372-5555 and if there is an active emergency, dial 911 immediately!  However, Health and Counseling Services does offer after hours support and consultation.
Is this information confidential?
Student of Concern data is considered confidential protected by HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) protections would apply to all records kept by the University. For additional information, please contact All’wyn Graham, Health Services Counselor, at or (256) 372-4751.