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    August 2014 witnessed the approval of setup of CIAAMU by Confucius Institute Headquarters of China, which is jointly run by AAMU and NFU.In April 2015, the grand opening ceremony was held in Von Braun Center, Huntsville to mark the commencement of CIAAMU.


              Since its establishment,CIAAMU has focused on Chinese language teaching and Chinese culture to promote educational exchange and cooperation between the US and China,and jointly developing some academic exchange programs with its partner school NJFU.Besides three credit courses on campus,CIAAMU has the status of a non-degree granting entity that supports for community outreach and development of non-degree Chinese language and culture teaching activities including events and outreach (in cooperation with other civic organizations as appropriate)on Chinese language,culture,history,economics,philosophy and allied are as of scholarship and interest;short-term courses in Chinese language and culture;training programs for primary and secondary Chinese language teachers in Huntsville;organizing and hosting regional and international conferences; hosting various types of Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK/YCT/BCT)and providing corresponding training programs;in conjunction with AAMU’s International Programs Office,developing and promoting curricula for study abroad programs in China.