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2017 Confucius Institute Day Celebration at Providence Elementary School

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On September 30, 2017, Confucius Institute Day of Alabama A&M University was held at Providence Elementary School. Co-hosted by Providence Elementary School, Confucius Institute at Alabama A&M University invited three martial artists from Taicang Wushu Association in Jiangsu Province to showcase their Chinese martial arts.​

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        Martial arts group and young performers  

Confucius Institute Day officially began at 10 am.Students from Providence’s Chinese Club performed a dance called “Little Apple”. “Little Apple” is the title of a popular Chinese pop song and internet meme that comes with it own line dance. They performed not only to that, but also a dance of the own creations while dress in various Chinese ethnic groups cultural clothing. The audience enjoyed the fun performances and gave them thunderous applause.

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Students from Chinese club of the 

Next, the martial arts visitors; Wu Qiang, Wu Jianrong and Zhu Xiujing, performed kung fu for the students. Wu Qiang demonstration of Chinese knife and fencing, really grabbed the attention of the young audience. Wu Jianrong performed Chinese Boxing and Ms. Zhu Xiujing showed a mysterious performance of Chinese Tai chi. Afterward, the audience also had a chance to get some hands-on training by the professional martial artists.

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   Experience Chinese Kong Fu 

Finally, the Confucius Institute at Alabama A&M University also prepared three cultural table for Providence students, including tea, calligraphy and paper cutting.This allowed the students to experience a little bit of Chinese Culture. The full four hours of events had been well received amongst students and was a complete success in instilling a new upsurge in learning Chinese! To enhance the local influence of the Confucius Institute at Alabama A&M University, and to lay a solid foundation for the next step in Chinese teaching activities.

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                           ​Calligraphy works of the students  ​