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Far away from home in the east, 

in a STUDIO THEATRE which can only hold 200 people, 

what would it be like to watch the Chinese version of your own national drama?

On the evening of June 7, 2017, Metasequoia Drama Society of Nanjing Forestry University, China (NFU) welcomed a special batch of guests —— students from AAMU.

Sign your name on the signature board, experiencing the sensation of being a star.

Mr. Bai, the managing director of the Jiangsu Provincial Dramatist Association, and the art director of Metasequoia Drama Society of NJFU, led the exchange activity.
The exchange activity unfolded in the stage environment, with the all the setting and stage props of the performance displayed around.
seats for each guest were all different, which were all stage props for acting.

First, AAMU students watched the fine edited film of the American drama named A Lesson Before Dying which was just acted by Metasequoia Drama Society this term.​

To let AAMU students understand the story of this play, with the help of the Confucius Institute
at AAMU, Metasequoia Drama Society had bought the original English script of this drama, 
and made the simultaneous English subtitle in the fastest speed and added English subtitles.​

     After the film, students who had roles in this drama showed up to meet the guests.

AAMU students were surprised by the huge difference between the lifelike shapes of the stage characters and their daily look, and praised the costume and setting of this drama sincerely.

            The gift table prepared carefully by Metasequoia Drama Society

Each of the AAMU students received a T-shirt of our drama society and a souvenir of the drama 
which is an cup marked with A Lesson Before Dying.

                  Specially made cards. Fill it in, then find your partner.

Finding the partner made the scene lively immediately.

The artists of the Jiangsu Opera Theatre who tutored the drama A Lesson Before Death posed 
for a souvenir picture with all the participants. 
Happy time is always so short. 
Metasequoia Drama Society of NFU is looking forward to performing A Lesson Before Dying
in America to communicate Chinese and American culture deeply in drama.