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Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University and Huntsville city education delegation, visited  Nanjing Forestry University, China

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    On June 7, Dr. Daniel Wims, Dean and Vice-Chancellor of Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University, and Huntsville City’s education delegation from the United States, visited Nanjing Forestry University, China, to promote cultural exchanges between China and the United States and deepen the cooperation between Nanjing Forestry University and Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University on the construction of Confucius Institute, discipline development, student training and other aspects.​

     On the afternoon of June 7th, the welcome ceremony of this delegation and the opening ceremony for US Students’ Summer Camp Tour to China were held on the fourth floor of the Nanlin Building. Chaonian Feng, Party secretary of Nanjing Forestry University, the faculty of the International Cooperation Department, the Office of Academic Affairs, the College of Forestry, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Institute, Science, the Humanities Institute, the Foreign Language Institute,  the National Institute of Science and Technology, attended the meeting. The ceremony was chaired by the Director of the International Cooperation Service, Gao Han Dong.

Chaonian Feng, Party secretary of Nanjing Forestry University, gave a speech at the welcoming ceremony. He welcomed this delegation and pointed out that Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University, which has a long history and distinctive characteristics, achieved creating a long history of cooperation with Nanjing Forestry University. In particular, since the two sides decided to build the Confucius Institute in 2012, they have achieved fruitful results. He hoped that the two sides, through the Confucius Institute platform, will expand substantive exchanges, promote personnel training, students two-way communication, teacher training and research projects and other aspects of all-round cooperation and the formation of a sustained mechanism.

Dr. Daniel Wims spoke highly of the significance of the exchange and expressed his gratitude for the careful planning of Nanjing Forestry University. He noted that what had been experienced during the visit had deepened his understanding and the understanding of the members of the mission to China, a new understanding that all member will treasure. He believes that the Alabama A&M University and Nanjing Forestry University have a lot of similar disciplines and some similar development direction, the two sides can further deepen cooperation and mutually benefit; he also expressed his desire to promote more cultural exchange by extending an invitation to Nanglin students to visit Alabama A&M University. Dr. Delmonize Smith, Dean of the School of Business and Public Affairs, and Dr. Chance M. Glenn, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences was present at the meeting.

      After Dr. Wims complete his speech, Ms. Heather Bender, Director of the Network Education Division of the Huntsville City Board of Education and Mr. Earnest Davis, President of the North Alabama Center for Educational Excellence (NACEE), both gave words on working with CIAAMU. Yong Wang and Dongrong Shi, the Directors of Confucius Institute, made a presentation on the construction of Confucius Institute. Jiangang Zhu , Dean of the International Education Institute, gave a note on the students Chinese and Chinese courses.  During the ceremony, Chaonian Feng, on behalf of Nanjing Forestry University, gave gifts to this delegation.​

    After the welcome ceremony, the delegation visited the history museum, forest breeding laboratory, ecological laboratory of biological institute, electromechanical laboratory of electromechanics, physics laboratory, material hospital, management hospital and went to relevant colleges.​

   During the visit, the two sides also held a collective forum, the two sides had in-depth discussions on the MBA project, American Chinese and Chinese culture teaching, students exchange and other issues, and reached related cooperation intentions.

    Our Confucius Institute, which was co-founded with Alabama A&M University, was established in 2009 by Hanban. The Confucius Institute was formally approved in 2014 and officially in operation in 2015. The Confucius Institute opened three credits courses in AAMU, there are nine teaching points, more than 1,200 students learn Chinese and Chinese culture courses. In the year of 2016 alone, Confucius Institute held 37 Chinese cultural promotion activities, as well as increasing the number of participants to more than 12,000. This achievement shows how CIAAMU has done their part in promoting cultural exchange and understanding between the United States and China.​