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"September Chinese Unique Culture" series of activities

--Chinese Art Group performed at the primary school


         September 19 witnessed the grand performance and Chinese Unique Culture promotion series of activities at Providence Elementary School. The Confucius Institute at Alabama A&M University organized such a terrific performance and a Chinese Art Group from Sichuan Normal University brought a Chinese Unique Culture to this school.

      Mr. P. Bonner, Principle of Providence Elementary School, extended a warm welcome to the Art Group on behalf of the faculty and students, and briefly introduced the school and the collaboration with our Confucius Institute at AAMU. Nearly 800 students from pre-k to 5th grade, all are learning Chinese. Right now two volunteer Chinese teachers from CIAAMU are together with their full time Chinese teacher are taking all teaching tasks for 38 classes in different grades. Mr. Bonner, the  Principle greatly appreciated the all-round support from CIAAMU and even Headquarters of Confucius Institute for the teachers, teaching material, series of activities tailored for Providence School about the Chinese language teaching and Culture courses.

    Afterwards, the members of Art Group were grouped into different squads going int​o each class, and interacted closely with students. The Art Group brought this school a Chinese Nationality Minorities’ art exhibition. When the children saw the Chinese artists dressed in nationality minority costumes, they were cheering in high spirits and said “hello(你好) “ in Chinese to these Chinese friends.​

图片3.png Mr. BonnerPrincipleheld a welcoming ceremony, and briefly introduced the collaboration between the school and the Confucius Institute at AAMU​



An Art Group visiting Providence School together with Principle Mr. Bonner the fourth from left, second row, Chinese Director of CIAAMU, Mr. Shi( the fifth from left, second row).​


Art Group students at the classroom


Appreciation of Chinese folk dance​


Experience of Chinese national costumes


Learning Chinese martial arts

Finally, children and Art Group students gathered in the gym, the Art Group students were divided into different ethnic groups according to their nationality minority clothes to interact with students. Students followed their interest in different nationality minority groups, this was a great meeting with different cultures and different customs. The whole gym was full of joy and excitement. The whole performances by Art Group students were greatly appreciated and welcomed by Providence School faculty and students

"September Chinese Unique Culture" --series of activities reached a climax as Chinese Art Group students performed at Providence Elementary School. And the whole series of activities in promoting Chinese Unique Culture in golden September organized by CIAAMU drew the curtain.​