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Confucius Institute Participating Homecoming Parade

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Homecoming is a grand festival celebrated in the universities and high schools in America every year. It is a time for alumni to come back school to show their loyalty to their alma mater. Usually, the celebrations last a week and it features all sorts of fun activities such as dress up days, a parade, a homecoming dance, and of course, the big football game.

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Staffs of CIAAMU

2017 Homecoming Parade of Alabama A&M University was the morning of September 30th. When asked if CIAAMU will participate the event all the teachers support the idea, thinking it is a great chance to show the CIAAMU, although September is a busy time for every teacher.

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                          Teacher and student of the Chinese class 

On the morning of September 30th, together with thousands people, the delegation of CIAAMU come to the starting point where many teams doing their final rehearsal. The lovely songs and hot dancing are everywhere.

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                                           Delegation of the CIAAMU


The parade started at 9 in the morning. The CIAAMU delegation is in the middle of the long parade line, all of the members wore the Chinese Club uniforms and held the banner of the Confucius Institute. This is the first time a Chinese delegation join the parade, therefore we were warmly welcomed by the crowd alongside the parade route. Acting like movie stars, we waved to the crowd on both sides constantly responded by “Nihao, Nihao” from time to time. The people who can speak Chinese mostly are our students of the lovers of Chinese culture. Upon hearing the response of “Nihao”, we felt very proud. Because it meant that Chinese becoming loved by more and more local people.

WeChat Image_20171012152002.png                           President Andrew Hugine and his wife​ 

At the end of the parade, Dr. Andrew Hugine, the president of the AAMU, and his wife, waved to our team and came up to us. The president said he was very happy to see us and he took a group picture with us. Not every team got the chance to take picture with the president, his support encouraged us greatly.  Taking part the parade brings good effect to CIAAMU, thousands of local people know us by the activity. From this activity we realized that we merged into local society, we can better promote the activities of Confucius Institute, acting as a messenger of cultural exchange. See you next Homecoming.

WeChat Image_20171012152005.png                                      ​ President take picture with us