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Year of 2015

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Year of 2015
217  AAMU英语系Open House中国文化展
Feb 17  AAMU Open House Chinese Cultural Exhibition in the Department of English Language
224  AAMU春节联欢会 
Feb 24  AAMU Spring Festival Celebration Gala
319  AAMU营养系中国美食讲座 
Mar 19  AAMU Chinese Cuisine Lecture in the Department of Nutrition   
41日至410  协办亨茨维尔市华人协会乒乓比赛
 Apr 1-10  Co-sponsor for 2015 Huntsville Chinese Association Table Tennis Tournament
411  AAMU大学Open House中国文化展    
Apr 11  AAMU Open House Chinese Cultural Show
411  AAMU多元文化活动中国文化展
Apr 11  Chinese Cultural Exhibition in Multicultural International Day in AAMU
412  协办AAMU家庭资金管理讲座
Apr 12  Co-sponsor with AAMU to have a Domestic Investment and Management Lecture
416  孔子学院开幕式      
Apr 16  The Opening Ceremony of CIAAMU
426  亨茨维尔市多元文化节中国书法展示
Apr 26  Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition in Multicultural International Day in Huntsville
518  中国古典服饰汉服秀及体验
May 18  Chinese Traditional Clothes- Han Fu Show and Experience
518  中国美食品尝会
May 18  Tasting Chinese Cooking
618  太极讲座及演示      
June 18  Taichi Lecture and Performance
6月至7  AAMU暑期中国文化体验夏令营
June –July  Summer Camp for Chinese Cultural Experience in AAMU
7月至8  Triana图书馆中国文化体验夏令营     
July – Aug Summer Camp for Chinese Cultural Experience in Triana Library
714  LearningQuest开放日中国文化展
July 14  Open Day of Chinese Cultural Exhibition for Learning Quest 
63  AAMU历年中国访学师生经验、经历交流会
July 3  AAMU Seminar for Chinese Scholars and Exchange Students
65日至720  AAMU大学生、研究生中国访学团访华
 June 5 – July 20   Joint Program with CIAAMU: AAMU REUG Program in NJFU
727  亨茨维尔市暑期读书会
July 27   Summer Reading Club in Huntsville
924  孔子学院日暨世界反法西斯战争胜利70周年慰问二战老兵联欢活动
Sep 24  Confucius Institute Day &  the Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the World Anti-Fascist War to salute veterans
926       UAH国际日中国文化展及书法演示
Sep 26  Chinese Cultural Show and Calligraphy Exhibition in UAH International Day
103  亨茨维尔市图书馆中秋主题语言文化展暨联欢活动
Oct 3  Mid-autumn Festival Celebration & Chinese Cultural Show in Huntsville City Library
106       协办享茨维尔市华人协会中秋联欢
Oct  6  Co-sponsor with Huntsville Chinese Association for Mid-autumn Festival Celebration
109日至25  AAMU中国画展
Oct 9 -25   AAMU Chinese Painting Exhibition
1029  Providence小学国际日中国文化展     
Oct 29   Chinese Cultural Exhibition in the International Day at Providence Elementary School
111  High School Senior Day课程与文化宣传
Nov 1   Courses and Cultural Promotion of High School Senior Day
112       AAMU中国书法展和书法体验
Nov 2  Chinese Calligraphy Show and Experiences in AAMU
114  AAMU International Day中国文化展
Nov 4  Chinese Cultural Exhibition in AAMU International Day
117       中国文化知识竞赛
Nov 7  Chinese Cultural Knowledge Competition
119  中国电影展
Nov 9  Chinese Movie Show
1110       观影《舌尖上的中国》和中国美食体验
Nov10  Watching the movie “A Bite Of China” and experience of Chinese cuisine