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Year of 2016

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Year of 2016: January to September
118日至25  Providence小学中国文化进课堂系列活动
                     Jan 18- Feb 5  Series Activities of Chinese Culture Entering Classrooms of Providence Elementary School
28  Providence小学隆重举行 “红红火火过大年”中国新年庆祝活动
 Feb 8   Chinese New Year Celebration in Providence Elementary School
26  孔院和HUNTSVILLE华人协会联合举办的春节联欢晚会
Feb 6  Co-sponsor with Huntsville Chinese Association for Chinese Spring Festival Gala
212  参加International Services of Huntsville
International Society of Huntsville联合招待会
Feb 12  Participating in the United Reception of International Services of Huntsville and International Society of Huntsville
117  举办Learning Quest春节联欢活动
Jan 17  Chinese Spring Festival Celebration in LearningQuest
227  参与美国童子军年度国际文化日中国文化展示活动
Feb  27 Chinese Cultural Exhibition in Annual American Boy Scout International Day
33  举办阿拉巴马农工大学孔子学院迎新春活动
Mar 3  Chinese New Year Celebration in CIAAMU
318  Johnson高中“中国文化日”展示活动
Mar 18   Chinese Cultural Day in Johnson High School
331  AAMU大学营养系合作开展中国美食课
Mar 31 AAMU Chinese Cuisine Lecture in the Department of Nutrition
44  DecaturCalhoun社区大学合作开展太极拳体验课
Apr 4   Taichi Experience class in Community College in Decatur and Calhoun
416  组织参与Huntsville市第18届多元文化节
Apr 16    Organizing and participating in Multicultural International Day in Huntsville
418  策划组织在AAMU Wellness Center 开展太极气功讲座
Apr 18   Taichi and Qigong lecture in AAMU Wellness Center
425  DecaturCalhoun合作开设国画体验课
Apr 25  Chinese Painting Experience Class in Decatur and Calhoun
51日至510  协办亨茨维尔市华人协会乒乓比赛
May 1-10  Co-sponsor for 2015 Huntsville Chinese Association Table Tennis Tournament
520日至710  CIAAMU协同阿拉巴马农工大学农业、生命及自然资源学院合作的“美国农业部本科生、研究生暑期研究项目”,赴南京林业大学开展的城市化风景的生态和环境研究圆满完成。
May 24- July 10  Summer Research Program for undergraduates and graduates of American Agricultural Department cooperating with CIAAMU and AAMU Agriculture, Life and Natural Resources College to carry on the research in NJFU. This is a USDA summer research experience for undergraduates and graduates to participate in 8weeks of mentored, independent research that focuses on the effects of a variety of environmental impacts on the rapidly urbanizing landscape of Nanjing, and surrounding areas.
6818  组织亨茨维尔“中小学校长教育团”成功访华。
June 8 - 18  Overseas Principals Tour to China was successfully organized
624-726 暑假中国汉语及中国文化推广活动:
June 24- July 26 Summer Programs for Chinese Language and Culture promotion:
          Chinese Cultural Summer Camp for NACEE
         Chinese Cultural Experience Summer Courses in Huntsville City Library
                     AAMU Staff Chinese Language and Cultural Experience Class
         AAMU Youth Chinese Language and Cultural Experience Class
     From Aug. 16 Three Credit Courses: Basic Chinese, Chinese Writing and Chinese Culture have been opened at AAMU every Mon., Wend., and Fri. afternoon
From the end of Aug., various Chinese Language and Chinese Culture Courses are as follows:
Huntsville City Library after-school Chinese Classes and Culture Classes for the Beginners and intermediate classes on Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thu. afternoon
Chinese Culture Classes in Oakwood University Thursday afternoon every week
NACEE Mixed courses of Chinese Language and Culture from Mon to Thu. Afternoon every week
NACEE Faculty Chinese Culture Course once a month
Chinese Calligraphy Class at Huntsville City Library twice a month
AAMU Staff Chinese Language and Chinese Culture Classes once a week
911日至925日, 中国国画大师王光明教授来访CIAAMU
Sep 11- 25, Professor Guangming Wang, Great Artist of Traditional Chinese Painting especially in Chinese Ink and Wash Figure Painting are now visiting CIAAMU
Sep 17 to 22 Leshan Normal University Moruo Art Group is visiting CIAAMU