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 2017 Student Tour to China

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From June 1st to the 14th, CIAAMU sent 9 student delegates to China for a tour and Chinese summer camp. During this two week program, the participants visited Beijing, Shanghai, and CIAAMU partner university, Nanjing Forestry University in Nanjing. High school students from around Huntsville were able to experience authentic Chinese culture. 2017 was the first year CIAAMU organized such a summer camp aimed at high school students, many of whom have been studying Chinese language for months or years.  


Visit CI Headquarters/ Middle School

After only arriving in China the day prior, the high school students spent the morning at CI Headquarters in Beijing. After meeting the university students from AAMU, the spent their time enjoying the interactive museum. A popular attraction was a touch screen that allowed them to write their names in Chinese.

 Enjoying the interactive Museum at CI Headquarters


That afternoon the high school students were able to visit a school in Beijing. Chinese school gave the US delegates a warm welcome and the students performed for them a fun show of a tea ceremony, fan martial arts, singing and dancing. The US delegates were also able to get involved with the show. Afterward, the Chinese students show the US student around the campus.

Chinese performance.jpg

Two of the students are enjoying the fruit the Chinese students grow on their rooftop garden


Students learning how to make their own paper-cutting handicrafts 

paper cutting.jpg

The Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China

Student enjoyed their second day overseas sightseeing at world famous areas in Beijing. The students explored the Forbidden City, climbed the famous Great Wall, and spent the evening at Beijing Olympic Park.


 Students visiting Forbidden Cityforbidden city.jpg

 Atop the Great Wall of China

great wall.jpg



Visiting Nanjing and Nanjing Forestry University

During their time in Nanjing, the high school delegates visited Chanjiang Road Elementary School and an IBO Middle School. Students were shown the around campus and the hosting school allowed them to learn about tea ceremony and calligraphy.  They enjoyed being able to get to know the Chinese students, and learn about their day-to-day lives and how it differed from their lives in the States.

Being shown around the campus


Student being taught about calligraphy


 Participating in a tea ceremonytea ceremony.jpg


Day Tour to Yangzhou

The high school student spent time touring around Nanjing visiting a Garden and an art museum showcasing Chinese ceramics, paintings, and paper cutting art.


Later, they visited "Confucian Temple" and China Imperial Examination Museum of Nanjing at Nanjing Fuzimiao, where student learned about Ancient China’s Imperial Exams.





Chinese Lessons at Nanjing Forestry University

The students spent a few days building their Chinese conversational skills and learning about Chinese Culture at Nanjing Forestry University. During their stay at NFU, the university gave the students opportunities to participate in Tai Chi, Dumpling-making, Chinese paper cutting and Chinese Knot weaving lessons.



Shanghai Old City, and Shanghai Bund

old town.jpg


Despite being a dreary day, the High School students enjoyed the sights in Shanghai. They were especially excited to spend some time shopping at Old City and the No.1 Commercial Street after a week of studying hard in Nanjing. They sightseeing ended with a trip to the Shanghai Bund. Even through the rain and fog, the buildings across the bay was a gorgeous view. ​

Confucius Institute LOGO 2017 high density.jpgConfucius Institute

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