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        STEM DAY 2015 @ AAMU

Welcome to the information page for STEM Day 2015 @ AAMU.  On April 10th, 2015, we had over 120 student abstracts submitted and had a great number of students attend the Identity Theft presentation by Ms. Laura Perry from the Alabama Supercomputer Authority at the AAMU Health and Wellness Center.

A printable program is located at this link 9th Annual STEM Day Program.pdf2015 STEM Day Program.pdf

Students competed in twelve different categories with judges from Aerojet Rocketdyne, NASA, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, and others.  Below is a listing of the winners from STEM Day 2015.

​Abstract ​Last Name ​First Name
Category Class​ Abstract Category​ Place​
​4 ​McChard ​Darryl ​Undergraduate ​Computer Sci. & Math ​1st
​7 ​Henderson ​Kwasis Undergraduate Computer Sci. & Math ​2nd
​11 ​Hood ​Tarneshia Undergraduate Computer Sci. & Math ​3rd
​15 ​Cunningham Felton​ Undergraduate Computer Sci. & Math ​3rd
​17 ​Silpika Karampuri ​Graduate Computer Sci. & Math 1st
​20 ​Kirkland Brandon​ Graduate Computer Sci. & Math ​2nd
​28 ​Harper-Hernandez Shakeel ​Undergraduate Eng. Tech. & Elec. Eng. 1st
​31 ​LeBlanc Patrick​ ​Undergraduate Eng. Tech. & Elec. Eng. ​2nd
​32 ​Cunningham ​Felton ​Undergraduate Eng. Tech. & Elec. Eng. ​3rd
​37 ​Boykin ​Shanna ​Undergraduate ​Food & Animal Sci. ​1st
​46 ​Harris ​Breanna Undergraduate
Food & Animal Sci. 2nd
​36 ​Powell ​Alexis Undergraduate
Food & Animal Sci.
​Hester ​Fredreana Graduate
Food & Animal Sci. 1st
​49 ​Smith ​Lillian ​Graduate Food & Animal Sci. ​2nd
​57 ​Dudley ​Aaron ​Graduate Food & Animal Sci. ​3rd
​70 ​Brittney ​Christian ​Undergraduate ​Life Sci. & Biology ​1st
​71 ​Campbell ​Kaasha ​Graduate ​Life Sci. & Biology
​75 ​Majors ​Kyle ​Undergraduate ​Civil & Mech. Eng. ​1st
​76 ​McIntyre ​Keanna Undergraduate
Civil & Mech. Eng. 2nd
​86 ​Fowlkes Antionette
Undergraduate NRES
​85 ​Pruitt ​LaCellia Undergraduate ​NRES ​2nd
​97 ​Margenau Eric
​Graduate ​NRES 1st
​101 ​Nkurunungi Andrew
​NRES ​2nd
​98 ​Garrison ​Briana ​Graduate ​NRES ​3rd
​103 ​Borthwick Richard
Graduate ​NRES ​3rd
​113 ​Ford ​Willie ​Undergraduate ​Physics, Space Sci.
& Chemistry
​114 ​Boni Yannick
Physics, Space Sci.
& Chemistry



STEM Day is a great time to recognize our students and our sponsors.  If you desire to sponsor a session or wish to donate to this wonderful experience please contact the Chair of STEM Day 2015, Dr. Josh Herring, via email or phone ( or 256.372.4161).  We are already planning for STEM Day 2016 and would LOVE to have your support.


 STEM Day 2015 @ AAMU



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