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Town and Gown Unite for AAMU Day

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Huntsville, Ala. ---- “The Valley Is Better Because of The Hill,” so Alabama A&M University officials are busy working with area churches to bring to fruition a regional AAMU Day on Saturday, April 20, and Sunday, April 21.   


AAMU President Andrew Hugine, Jr., says the AAMU Day concept stems from the suggestion of a faith advisory group.  The group’s members envisioned the day as a period during which area churches would recognize AAMU in some way for its nearly 140 years of contributions to the Tennessee Valley.   And, that small tribute, Hugine adds, could take on many forms, from a simple mention during the congregational service to a more substantial program.


The form that the AAMU Day observance takes is totally at the discretion of a given house of worship.  It could range from an announcement in the church bulletin; comments from a church member, faculty or staff member of AAMU; students who have been requested by the church to bring comments; to interjection with the sermon comments about AAMU, to a complete message about AAMU. 


One of the principal purposes of AAMU Day, explains Hugine, is “to provide a venue for corporate prayer for the University,” adding that 2 Corinthians 1:11 states, ‘You also helping together in prayer for us, that thanks may be given by many person on our behalf.’ 


“We hope that the prayers given by many on our behalf will inspire the engendering of goodwill throughout the larger community, to develop new and recommitted advocates, and to ultimately achieve increased community support,” Hugine said.


Not only does the existence of AAMU have a major economic impact on the regional economy, but the University contributes immeasurably to educational attainment, workforce development, community service, culture and diversity.


Any person interested in representing the University at a particular church’s AAMU Day, should contact the respective clergy member, or call Andrea Cunningham at (256) 372-5230 or Shirley Alexander at (256) 372-5607.


- Jerome Saintjones 

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