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A&M Site of Black Farmers Meeting Thursday

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The Black Farmers & Agriculturalists Association, Inc. (BFAA, Inc.) will meet on the campus of Alabama A&M University Thursday, December 6, in the Dawson Building Auditorium from 10 a.m.-12 noon.


BFAA, Inc., is an advocacy association dedicated to making sure that all African American claimants and potential claimants receive the full measure of relief BFAA_LOGOSmall.png
(benefits both compensatory and injunctive) from the historical class action lawsuit and/or voluntary claims process being offered by the United States Government (USDA). To this end, the organization has been traveling around the country assisting these claimants with filling out their Claim Forms (for Hispanic and Women Claims Process, see following link:


At present the Government is offering an opportunity to certain individuals to file a claim of discrimination under one of three Tiers, Tier 1(a), Tier 1(b) and Tier 2, of the voluntary Claims Process. These respective Tiers will provide payment between $50,000 to $250,000 depending on the amount and type of documentation and/or evidence provided by the claimants. Moreover, certain Tiers will be paid from an unlimited fund with no limit to the number of claimants and no cap on the amount of money to be paid to this category of claimants.


Accordingly, BFAA, Inc. is asking all potential claimants in these lawsuits to call the Claims Administrator in Portland,Oregon, to request a claims package to be completed by all claimants--male as well as female farmers and ranchers (heirs of both). The Claims Administrator has established a toll-free number to call to request a Claim Form at 1-888-508-4429.


Additionally, BFAA, Inc. will be assisting its members in providing an affidavit which will further particularize, detail and specify the claimant's allegation of discrimination for increased accuracy and credibility. 


For additional information, contact Thomas Burrell, BFAA, Inc., president, at (901) 522-8880, or call E'licia L. Chaverest, program manager and marketing specialist, Alabama A&M University's Small Farms Research Center,

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