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AAMU Represented at National Poetry Awards

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(St. Louis, Mo.) — The National Poetry Awards (NPA) presented its 2012 awards to some of the best poets and “spoken-word” artists in the country, including Marcellus Lacy and Katina Walton of Huntsville, Ala. 


Now in its third year, the Awards program makes presentations annually to recognize excellence in poetry.  It is one of only a handful of programs that acknowledge the wide range of collaborative work being produced by poets—beyond the form of traditional publication.


Held recently in St. Louis, Mo., NPA honored the groundbreaking work of literary artists who captured the “true spirit of the spoken word.” Since 2010, the competition has marked a milestone in the careers of some of today’s leading poets, writers and spoken word artists--creative artists who stand united in their passion for powerful prose that “soothes, stimulates and heightens the senses.“


Winners are selected by popular votes from peers and their fans. Most importantly, the NPAs are known for boosting the careers of some of today’s new voices in the literary world, including Marc Lacy, who picked up the NPA’s 2012 “Poet of the Year” award.


Lacy is a spoken word artist. A native of Huntsville, Ala., Lacy is also a cum laude mechanical engineering graduate of Alabama A&M University.  He has LacyMarc.jpg
traveled extensively and has lived in Korea and Germany.  Lacy is the author and publisher of two books of poetry:  "The Looking Heart- Poetic Expressions from Within" and “Rock and Fire—Love Poetry from the Core"; one book of short stories, “Wretched Saints”; and producer of numerous spoken word CDs.  
His latest work, “Rock & Fire,” is a collection of love poetry with thought-provoking witty and bold titles and subjects. 


Lacy is the co-founder of Artnsoul Society of Expression; is CEO of Marc Lacy & Friends – Spoken Word Authority, and spearheads a number of youth/adult poetry workshops.  He is also editor-and-chief of Man-Ologist Blogs, and is a regular contributor to Radar Magazine, a life-style magazine based in his native Huntsville. 


“Winning Poet of the Year for 2012 was a very humbling and gratifying experience,” said Lacy. "I am proud for my hometown, family, friends, and all poets.  I pray that winning this award will inspire all creative writers and performers to keep striving, no matter what. I anticipate a continuance of quality opportunities to conduct workshops and perform at the highest level at venues throughout the world.  I will also use this experience to make a better way for all writers, poets and performers who are serious about excelling in their craft,” he said.


Marc Lacy was especially proud to witness one of his protégés also pick up “top honors” in St. Louis.


Katina Walton is a young, aspiring writer Lacy met and mentored more than five years ago.  The writer, poet and spoken word artist is a native of Mobile, Ala.  She earned an educational specialist graduate from of The University of South Alabama. She is also a candidate for a Ph.D. in reading and literacy at Alabama A&M University.  Walton beat out several other prolific writers around the country for NPA’s 2012 “Poetry/Author of the Year.”


A “natural born educator,” Walton has spent several years in the public school WaltonKatina.jpg
system and at the university level training future educators to fight for their rightful place in the classroom.  
Standing roughly four-feet, eleven inches, tall, she is affectionately known as “One Queen” in literary circles. Though small in stature, Walton casted a “big shadow” with the release of her first book, "She Speaks," a collection of poetry from 18 tenacious women who came together to raise their voices against tragic events that affect and silence the human spirit.


“I am grateful for this award,” said Walton.  "She Speaks" chronicles women who were brave enough to share their stories of breast cancer, rape, incest and domestic violence on a very personal level.  "Many of these victims had never publicly spoken about their tragedies.  It was such an honor for them to trust me to share their stories of survival," Walton said. 


Walton is set to release her second book this fall.  "Scribed Blues" is a collection of the writer’s most prolific work. Walton’s highly anticipated sophomore project will solidify “the gifts God has given" her as she remains diligent in perfecting those gifts as a writer and educator. 


NPA is a national poetry arts group that began in the United States with the first awards ceremony held in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2010.  The NPAs support artists in every artistic genre including, but not limited to, performing and visual arts, literary arts and creative design.

- by Varion Walton

Walton and Associates

Mobile, Ala.


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