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SACS Imposes No Sanctions Against AAMU

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Huntsville, Ala. ---- The President of Alabama A&M University held a press conference Tuesday, December 6, to proudly share with a group of students, faculty and staff the fact that the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) did not pose any sanctions against the University after a year-long cloud. 


President Andrew Hugine, Jr., convened the 6:30 p.m. press conference in the Clyde Foster auditorium of the College of Business and Public Affairs following his return from the annual meeting of SACS in Orlando, Fla.


Not only did the accrediting body clear the University of "unfounded" allegations, he said, but it also did not place the institution on any warning status or probation, said Hugine.  "The University remains fully accredited with SACS-Commission on Colleges."


The agency did request that the University come to some resolution on "the issue related to the legal authority and the Research Institute" and report progress by April 2012.  AAMU was also urged to monitor its financial resources "in light of the present economic environment."


The SACS inquiry dates back to January 19, 2011, fueled by complaints about a series of issues from a group of alumni, an employee and a memorandum of record from a trustee member, stated Hugine.  A second round of complaints from the group resulted in SACS' second request for information in July.


Since the period of the initial inquiry nearly a year ago, Hugine said AAMU has had to expend hundreds of hours, as well as thousands of dollars, in resources to respond to 13 challenges to its compliance with core requirements and comprehensive standards.  The University submitted its report to a special review team, noted Hugine, on November 14.  The Board of Trustees of SACS acted favorably on that report on December 6.  


The President went on to thank a group of administrators for its hard work.  "This action by SACS has resolved these unfounded complaints," concluded Hugine.  "Despite the distractions of the last year, the University has continued to provide quality education to the students of Alabama A&M University and will continue to do so in the future."


by Jerome Saintjones