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Physics Professor Adds to Major Book

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After having launched her career at Alabama A&M University less than five years ago, an assistant professor of physics has already made a key contribution to a major new book focusing on bettering materials for potential use in structures and human beings.

DSC_0419.JPGDr. Padmaja Guggilla’s chapter is an important part of a 404-page, 15-chapter book, “Nanocomposites and Polymers with Analytical Methods,” that has attracted bright researchers from all over the world.  Edited by John Cuppoletti of the University of Cincinnati and published in Croatia, the book’s primary focus is to highlight research with the major thrust of engineering “lighter, stronger and safer materials.”


Chapter 12, “Novel Electroceramic: Polymer Composites – Preparation, Properties and Applications,” written by Guggilla, with contributions from physics colleague and mentor Ashok K. Batra, grew out  of the engineering profession’s constant need for new and better materials.  The chapter, says the 32-year-old Guggilla, represents about six consecutive months of hard work.


The book can be a major resource for physics majors, material scientists and engineers, medical students, and biotechnologists, Guggilla says.


Additionally, the young professor’s enthusiasm for her research has resulted in a three-year $268,000 grant (through 2011) to expand research experiences for undergraduates in physics and a $483,768 grant from the Department of Homeland Security (through 2015). 


For more information about the scientist’s published work, call (256) 372-8141.


by Jerome Saintjones