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Severe Weather Info

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by Richard C. Wilkinson II, NRP, ALEM



AAMU Students should be weather aware and respond to all warnings and announcements from the AAMU Department of Public Safety.


All students should follow instructions that may come from the Emergency Notification System. This may be in the form of text, email, twitter, Facebook ,or other media. If students are in the dormitory they will follow instructions from their resident advisors or other faculty members.


If you are in the classroom setting please follow the directions of the instructors and faculty members.


In most cases the campus will have advance warning of greater than 30-60 minutes. Please be ready to follow instructions to no notice events.


Severe Thunder Storm Watch - is that severe storms are possible but normal activities will remain at there present status. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) will observe and report any changes.


Tornado "WATCH" - This means that a tornado and severe thunder storms are possible. Normal activities will remain in effect unless (DPS) advised to change status.


Severe Thunder Storm Warning - Severe thunder storms are occurring on or near the campus. Be prepared to move to shelter.


1.  Stay indoors and away from windows until the storm passes. If damaging hail starts move to area of safety. (Such as a room without windows or any prepared shelter marked by the yellow and black markings) These are normally located in the basements of buildings.


2.  Report all injuries and damage to the AAMU DPS 256-372-5000


Tornado "WARNING" - An actual tornado has been either spotted near or on the campus.


1.  If you are outdoors get inside immediately. Find the closet sheltered area that provides an area without windows.


2.  If you are in a vehicle, get to shelter by getting out of the vehicle and getting indoors. If there is no shelter available get to a depression in the ground or stream bed. This does give some protection.


3.  Do not open windows before or during a tornado. This actually increases damage from wind driven rain.  Stay away from the windows and exterior doors.


4.Basements, interior hallways on the lower floors, and small interior rooms on the lower levels offer the best protection.


5.Report injuries and damage to the AAMU DPS as soon as feasible. Do not attempt to turn on utilities. Unless directed to by AAMU DPS.


Hurricane and Flooding - In a hurricane scenario we will be getting large amount of rain and it may cause flooding on the campus.


1. Stay away from flooded areas. (The water can carry different illnesses, as well as waste products from runoff).


2. Do not drive through flooded roads that are higher than a standard width approximately 4-6 inches. Many people drown every year by thinking they can drive through the water. (Turn Around Don’t Drown.)


3. Avoid walking through moving water. Even a couple of inches can knock down an adult and could cause injury.


Winter Weather Conditions - These can vary from icy roads to freezing rain to extremely cold temperatures.


1.  Avoid driving on icy roads. DPS will advise when it is safe and may close roads that are unsafe.


2.  Dress in layers to prevent hypothermia and frostbite injuries. This can be done by covering your head and face and ears. You should limit your outside exposure to the minimal needed to travel.



When any of the above conditions happen on campus, be prepared to be without basic utilities and phone and computer access for a limited amount of time. Please be weather aware and if you know of a impending situations and time permits. Prepare by charging cell phones and other electronic devices, find non-perishable foodstuffs, and listen to AAMU radio and television channels. The electronic message system will communicate over phone,text, email, and social networks. Lives are saved when people follow simple instructions and follow recommendations as directed.