INSTRUCTIONS: Enter search criteria below, then SUBMIT the form. You may search using partial names or check numbers, or any combination of criteria; all search fields are optional.

Payee names are stored with last name first (with a comma between last name and first name) in the database. So to search for a full name of an individual, use DOE, JOHN. You may also do a search on a partial name if you are unsure of the full name or spelling. A search for DO for example will return every person or company with that letter combination somewhere in their name (e.g. John Doe, Adobe Inc, etc)

You can do a search for a partial check number if you do not know the whole number. For security reasons, check numbers are partially redacted in the displayed output, but you can search by the whole number (if available).

Check Amount

If you leave the Less Than field blank and set More Than to 1000 (for example), the search will return all payments over $1000. It also works to set Less Than to a value and leave More Than blank, if you want to see all payments below a certain amount. If you define both fields, then the search will return all results within the range specified.

Expenditure category includes things such as Supplies, Travel, Utilities, Contractual Services, etc.

Expenditure Type
Funding Source

New fiscal years begin October 1. To search by normal (calendar) year, try searching by check date year.

Date of Check