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Quality Enhancement Plan Staff Listing

“Dare to Think!” Staff

  • Ms. Bonnie M. Banks, Director
  • Mrs. Johnnie Hargrove, Assessment Coordinator
  • Mrs. Cándra Johnson DeBose, Secretary

“Dare to Think!” Faculty

  • Dr. Shahnaz Abdullah, ECO 200
  • Ms. Stephanie Allen, HIS 101
  • Dr. Vernessa Edwards, PHY101
  • Dr. Tyesha Farmer, BIO 101
  • Dr. Padmaja Guggilla, PHY 101
  • Mrs. Johnnie Hargrove, ENG 102
  • Mrs. Lucrecia Hawley, MUS 101
  • Mrs. Judith Hayes, ENG 102
  • Dr. Sampson Hopkinson, BIO 101
  • Ms. Jody Jones, ENG 205
  • Dr. Karen Kennedy, BIO 101
  • Dr. Mira Kruja, MUS 101
  • Mr. Peter Lott, MUS 101
  • Dr. Shahdad Naghshpour, ECO 200
  • Dr. Craig Patton, HIS 101
  • Dr. Ken Sartor, MTH 112
  • Dr. Qian Shen, ECO 200
  • Mr. Scott Smith, ART 101
  • Ms. Melody Tiemann, ART 101
  • Mrs. Kiietti Walker-Parker, ENG 102
  • Mr. Charles Webb, MTH 112
  • Ms. Anne Wedler, ART 101

“Dare to Think!” Teaching and Learning Community (TLC)

Goal 4 of the QEP is to enhance faculty use of critical thinking pedagogy through the design of instructional approaches and assessments. In addition to professional development workshops and other training designed to facilitate understanding and use of critical thinking pedagogy, a TLC was established that will allow faculty a forum to share ideas and offer support to each other. The Teaching and Learning Community was developed with the first pilot critical thinking course and is open to all interested faculty each semester.