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Both students and employees will be able to find the Academic Affairs resources they need on this page.

Academic Calendar

Forms for Students

The following forms should be submitted by students to the individuals or offices noted below:

Resources for Students

  • General Education Listing: The general education program is the foundation of all undergraduate degree programs and is required of all students. It is designed to be completed during the first two years of all baccalaureate degree programs with the exception of a few to meet accreditation requirements. Requirements may vary from year to year.
  • Graduate Catalogs: Published annually, the Graduate Catalog is an academic reference of policies, procedures and programs for a student’s matriculation at AAMU.
  • Offered Programs: A listing of the Programs, Concentrations, Minors, Tracks, Specializations, and Certificates offered at AAMU.
  • STARS Transfer Pages: The STARS Transfer Pages provide transfer students with additional information about transfer coursework that can be taken at two-year institutions and be applied towards a four-year program.
  • Undergraduate Bulletins: Published annually, the Undergraduate Bulletin is an academic reference of policies, procedures, and programs for a student’s matriculation at AAMU.

For Employees

  • Academic Policy & Procedure Manual: A compilation of general academic policies and guidelines for graduate and undergraduate programs that serve as a quick reference for faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Agenda Item Request Sheet: Submit this form when an item is being presented at ASCC.
  • ACHE Program Inventory: The Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) is the coordinating board for higher education in the State of Alabama. The link provides a list of academic programs approved by the State to be offered at AAMU.
  • Faculty Handbook 2018: This publication will provide faculty and administrative offices with policies, procedures, and other pertinent information and guidance relative to AAMU.
  • Individual Student Teach-out Plan: Submit this form when a program/area is ending for each student electing to complete the program/area.
  • Modifications for Standards or Graduate Council: Submit this form when an item requires a vote by either ASCC or the Graduate Council.
  • University Committee Book: A listing and explanation of standing and ad hoc academic committees across the University.

In order to view PDF files on your computer, you must have a PDF reader program installed. If you do not already have such a reader, you can download a free reader at Adobe's website: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Software