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Judicial Affairs

The Office of Judicial Affairs, through counseling and guidance, adjudicates violations of the Student Code of Conduct in a fair and consistent manner. The Code of Conduct is stated in the student handbook "Life on the Hill".

Our office functions as a resource for student rights and responsibilities in disciplinary matters, and it ensures that students are informed on disciplinary processes and procedures.

Judicial Affairs fulfills this mission by:

  • Educating students on behavioral standards.
  • Conducting the student disciplinary review process.
  • Promoting fairness and due process in the judicial settings.
  • Encouraging students to be responsible members of the on-campus and off-campus community.
  • Working in partnership with the University Police Department to protect the health and safety of the university environment.

Review our Student Code of Conduct

Visit the Judicial Affairs Website and to meet the team.

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PH: (256) 372-5616