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Registered Student Organizations

Remaining in contact with your organization members is important during difficult times.  We offer the following solutions. Please contact Diann Greer: or Gary Edwards: should you have questions. 

Communication Management/Software for Virtual Chapter Management

  • One-on-One Meetings
    Facetime, Android Video Calling, Skype, Google Hangout are all great for one-on-one video calls.
  • Group Meetings
    Through Alabama A&M University, all students have access to a Zoom account, which does not have time limits for meetings and allows up to 300 people to be on a call.  To access, click “log in with SSO” on the Zoom website, and type in “AAMU.”  It will redirect you to log in with your AAMU credentials. 

Member Engagement

  • Consider how to adapt the ways your members connect to the current circumstances. For instance, you could hold Zoom calls, use an app like Marco Polo so chapter members can stay up to date with each other, or watch Netflix together with the Chrome extension Netflix Party. 
  • If you have a brotherhood/sisterhood/retention chair or committee, you can utilize them to check in on groups of members in the coming weeks. Consider hosting small virtual get-togethers. Split the chapter into smaller groups or even by new member class/line. Assign an executive board member to each of the groups and have them host/create programs for each of those groups based on what people are most interested in doing. 
  • Consider hosting virtual study sessions or have a standing open Zoom room specifically catered to study sessions. This will give you that great feeling of being in the library and encourage you to look at your books more than your timeline.
  • Pair each member of the chapter together with someone they do not have a great opportunity to connect with throughout the year. Encourage them to connect at least once within the week either via phone or a video call. Rotate groups around every few weeks or so. This would be especially great for newer members the chapter may not know as well yet. 
  • If your chapter had new members this semester, think about how you can intentionally reach out to them during this time. Excitement is often high after initiation, and you don’t want them to feel lost. Get them engaged with some virtual committees early on. See if there are any of them that want to continue to lead engagement for their new member class throughout this virtual period. Encourage them to utilize some of the same resources the chapter leadership is using to maintain chapter engagement. 

Advisors and current/future members of RSO’s should visit Student Activities for additional information, including contact information.