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Guidelines for Official Class Excuses

All students, both male and female, should come to Room 106 Carver Complex South for official class excuses.

All official classes excuses issued to students will be in accordance with the established University Policy.

All students requesting official class excuses should make the request and submit the class excuse to instructors within seven (7) days after the missed class or classes.

Excuses will be issued for verified illnesses, death in the family (students are allowed to be absent from classes a maximum of five (5) consecutive days for death in the family) and subpoenas. Discretion will be used in determining other excusable incidents.

Generally, excuses will not be issued for car trouble (i.e. flat tires, stalling, etc.), arrests, or before or after a holiday.

Process for Requesting Excuses

University Excuse Process:

  1. Student submits “Official University Excuse Request” Form in Laserfiche. Student has the option to enter their professor(s) email which will result in immediate notification upon approval. Student must attach their documented proof to the form for verification by VADS office personnel.
  2. VADS office will receive an email notification of the submission.
  3. VADS personnel will review and approve excuses on the form that was submitted via Laserfiche. 
  4. Upon approval, the system will email the student and the professors, if their emails were included, the approved form.

***Note: The approved form from Laserfiche will serve as the Official University Excuse***