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Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Contest!

Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Contest Flyer Deadline Extension
March 07, 2020

Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Contest!

Feeling Inspired? Or maybe you just have awesome poetic skills with a pen! Either way, the Alabama A&M University Department of English and Foreign Languages presents the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Contest! They are seeking poetry written in English by Undergraduate students.

Deadline Extension: March 7, 2020 

PRIZES: 1st: $100, 2nd: $75, 3rd: $50


• Written in Microsoft Word or saved as a PDF and titled only (any self-identifying information on the poem(s) themselves will disqualify the poem(s);

• Formatted using 12-point sized Times New Roman font;

• Sixty lines or less (refers only to the body of the poem);

• Sixty-six characters or less on each line (refers to the formatting limit of sixty-six characters per line which includes letters, punctuation, and spaces. More than sixty-six characters/line or sixty lines (based on 12- point font) will not be considered);

• Submitted with a cover letter; and • Submitted using the following link: Spring 2020 Poetry Submissions



• Name as you want it to appear in our records, publications, and certificate;

• A#/Banner number;

• US Post Office mailing address and email address;

• Title of poem

• Brief biography of no more than 120 words, written in third person. Feel free to add any website or contact information as well.

Good Luck! Click here for more information