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Credit Classes

Chinese 101 studentsThe following for-credit classes are offered through the Confucius Institute at AAMU. Course descriptions and offerings subject to change; see the official AAMU bulletin for more info.

CHN 101: Basic Chinese Language

(3 credit hours) 

Grasp the pronunciation of Chinese, skillfully use Pinyin, understand basic grammar and structure of Chinese, and learn frequently used characters and essential grammar points.

Chinese 102 studentsCHN 102: Chinese Writing

(3 credit hours)

Develop written Chinese skills through use of textbook, course readings, workbook, and class meetings. The course uses the HSK test to help students improve their Chinese.

CHN 401: Studies in Chinese Culture

(3 credit hours)

Study the elements of traditional culture and their functions and the ethos of ancient Chinese society. Emphasis will be placed on values and the historical and cultural heritage.