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Faculty & Staff

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The faculty and staff of Alabama A&M University (AAMU) are dedicated scholars, researchers, executives, professionals and support staff.


As our faculty, you have the primary responsibility for curriculum, subject matter and methods of instruction, research, faculty status, and those aspects of student life which relate to the educational process. Encouraging the free pursuit of learning, holding your students to the best scholarly and ethical standards of your discipline, you continue to uphold the finest traditions of higher education.


As our staff, you are committed to quality customer service and efficient operations that enhance the college experience. You are the backbone of the institution, providing the numerous services without which the university could not exist.


We know how hard our talented faculty and staff work to keep AAMU functioning and thriving.

You deserve the professional support, resources and development opportunities that you need to be successful. You need easy access to information about benefits, payroll, and other services including health and safety, technology, parking, facilities and university resources.


Below you’ll find information, applications and resources to help you accomplish your objectives and continue to help the University fulfill its mission and vision.