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Map of Districts

The Alabama A&M University Board of Trustees consists of one member from each congressional district as the districts were constituted in 1975. An additional member is from Madison County, which is located in District 5.  Also, the Board consist of the Governor as an ex-officio member and three At-Large members.

(Alabama Congressional Districts - 1975)    AlabamaCongressionalDistricts2.png  

District 1
 Norman D. Hill *

District 2  
 Velma Tribue

District 3
 James Montgomery, Sr. *

District 4

District 5a
 Richard Reynolds *
District 5b
 Chris Robinson

District 6
 Jerome B. Williams, DVM

District 7
 Andre J. Taylor

At-Large I
John O. Hudson III

At-Large II
 Lucien B. Blankenship *

At-Large III
 Odysseus M. Lanier *

* Indicates seat is open for appointment this year.