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Open Letter to AAMU Students

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For over 139 years, Alabama A&M University has been providing high quality educational programs for all students. Our students excel in all arenas, and in 2013, we were ranked as number 10 in the nation under President Obama’s proposed rating system for colleges and universities, which rewards universities based on access and affordability.


In fall 2013, Alabama A&M University was the only public institution in the state of Alabama that did not increase tuition and mandatory fees – compared to the average statewide increase of 6%. Additionally, in fall 2013, the university implemented a flat-rate tuition plan, allowing students to take additional credit hours at no additional cost. Students can now take between 12 and 18 credit hours, and pay the same amount. These measures were designed to provide relief to students, and they have been extremely successful.


At the recent Board of Trustees meeting on June 27, 2014, the recommended increase in tuition and mandatory fees of 6% was approved. This increase will go into effect in fall 2014, and it will allow the university to continue to enhance student programing, upgrade equipment in academic labs, as well as offset the incremental increases in other essential operating costs.


As a result of the upcoming increase in tuition and mandatory fees, for the three-year period stretching from fall 2012 through fall 2014, our average annual increase is 3.3% -- the lowest in the entire state! At Alabama A&M University, we are committed to putting our students first, and to providing high quality, affordable education.  We recognize our students have a choice of which institution to attend, and we are grateful that you have chosen to be a part of Bulldog Nation. As we progress into the upcoming academic year, let us continue to work together to make “The Hill” the place to be.



Andrew Hugine, Jr., Ph.D.



Clayton Gibson

Interim Vice President for Business & Finance



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