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Dating back to its humble beginnings in 1875, Alabama A&M University has been an institution that has defied the odds.  Founded by Dr. William Hooper Councill, an ex-slave whose vision for a better world through education was not shattered
by his tumultuous surroundings, AAMU is indeed an American success story.  It PoorCollege2.jpg
is a historically black institution that has never been exclusive; it has strived for academic excellence while still offering opportunities to many who would not receive it elsewhere; and it has been committed to public service, although for most of its existence public policies have made its inevitable ascent more difficult. 


Its commitment to success is mirrored by its placement of four students on USA Today Academic Teams; its vibrant programs in agricultural and environmental
sciences, arts and sciences, business, education, and engineering and technology.  AAMU now offers four Ph.D. programs in food science, physics, plant and soil science, reading/literacy.


Bits of AAMU’s influence can be found throughout the world, from the Pro Football Hall of Fame (alumnus John Stallworth) to national magazines like DIVERSE Issues in Higher Education (alumnus William E. Cox) to the entertainment industry “American Idol” winner (2003) Ruben Studdard.


AAMU’s researchers have formed collaborations that link it with other reputable institutions throughout the globe.  For instance, AAMU environmental scientists’ research interests have run the gamut from biodiesel fuel to putting their expertise to work on a project involving Mars.  Other researchers have been involved in the development of “smart bridges,” while still others have feverishly worked to make farmers better forecasters of the weather.  These are but a few of AAMU’s many collaborations over the years in the research arena alone.  Thus, by giving generously to AAMU, donors increase their capacity to assist scholarships at the institution as well as world efforts.


For even more reasons to give and to begin giving now, visit HERE.

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