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Alumni Service Information

All alumni wishing to register with Alabama A&M University’s Career Development Services office through BulldogCareers must pay a registration fee.


Recent alumni who registered with CDS as students will receive assistance from CDS for one full year following the verified completion of their degrees. This includes, but is not limited to, workshops and individual counseling on interviewing and resume-writing, employer referrals, access to the Career Lab and its resources, and interviewing privileges through on-campus interview events, Fall Career Week (Career Fair and Interview Day), the North Alabama Connection: Professional Employment Day (NACPED), and Spring Career Week (Career Fair and Interview Day).


Alabama A&M alumni and graduates of other universities who wish to use Career Development Services must register with the office using BulldogCareers and pay an annual fee. This fee is $15 for A&M alumni or $25 for alumni of other universities. If the alum did not register with CDS before leaving the university, he/she must pay the one-time $25 BulldogCareers registration fee in addition to the $15 alumni fee. Graduates of other universities must also pay the one-time $25 BulldogCareers registration fee in addition to the $25 fee for non-AAMU graduates.  All registrants receive the same rights and privileges and are subject to the same regulations and requirements, including the Cancellation/No-Show policy. Registrants who are not registered with CDS in this manner will not be referred by CDS personnel and will not be allowed to interview through this office; they may participate only in those events that are open to the general public (Fall/Spring Career Fair and Graduate & Professional Schools Day). Education alumni registrants will be limited to three (3) free credential mailings during the year; additional credential files will be mailed at a cost of $3 each.


In addition to the previously-stated fees, graduates of other universities who wish to use the services of this office must provide CDS with written proof of their degrees (such as photocopy of their official transcript or diploma). Persons registered in this manner may enjoy all of the assistance provided to alumni registrants.



For more information, contact: 


Ms. Leslie Burks

Career Information/Teacher Education Specialist

Career Development Services

Alabama A&M University

 P.O. Box 997

Normal, AL 35762


Telephone:  256.372.8179

Fax:  256.372.5689