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Graduation Clearance Requirements



In order to be cleared for graduation through Career Development Services, all undergraduate AAMU students must complete the following steps:


1.  Be registered with Career Development Services (CDS) through BulldogCareers.


A complete registration for graduation clearance requires that the student complete the following steps.

  • Complete the CDS registration form
  • Pay the $25 registration fee
  • Complete the online BulldogCareers profile
  • Upload a resume that must be critiqued and approved by Ms. Leslie Burks


*ONLY non-traditional students who have established careers and international students who can verify that they will be returning to their native country are exempt from registration with CDS through BulldogCareers, but MUST complete the Employment Status form and complete a Refusal of Services form.


All AAMU students are now required to register with CDS through BulldogCareers before the completion of 30 academic credit hours. If these hours have already been exceeded, then registration should be completed immediately and MUST be completed before graduation during the senior record check.


2.  Complete the Employment Status Form

The Employment Status Form must be completed prior to graduation in order to make the final Graduation Clearance List.  Please complete this form as accurately as possible.  This information on the Employment Status Form will be used in three ways:

o   Career Development Services collects student job placement information as part of the requirements for SACS accreditation.

*4.1 The institution evaluates success with respect to student achievement including, as appropriate, consideration of course completion, state licensing examinations, and job placement rates. (Student achievement)

o   Career Development Services will use the information for reporting statistical data about our graduates to on-campus departments/colleges and for tracking students after graduation.

o   Career Development Services will also use the information to assist those graduates who may still be seeking employment and refer their resume to prospective employers.

**Please note that your CDS registration is NOT complete until you have created your profile and have an approved resume on the BulldogCareers system.


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