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Graduation Clearance Requirements

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 In order to be cleared for graduation through Career Development Services, all undergraduate AAMU students must complete the following steps:​​

1.   Career Development Services Registration - Registration consists of the following:​

  • Have your resume critiqued and approved by your designated CDS contact

  • Create a profile in Handshake by coming to the CDS Office in Patton Hall, Room 101 or by accessing the link below

 2.   Employment Status Survey - Complete the online First Destination Survey via this link: it can also be accessed via the CDS Website


  • ALL graduating students are required to complete the First Destination Survey; the non-identifying information is used for reporting and to assist AAMU with recruitment efforts

  • ​​Registering with CDS is optional for International and non-traditional students.

  • Commissioning officers and enlistees with documentation are not required to register with CDS. 

  •  Career Development Services collects student job placement information as part of the requirements for SACS accreditation.

  •  Career Development Services will use the information for reporting statistical data about our graduates to on-campus departments/colleges and for tracking students after graduation.

  • Career Development Services will also use the information to assist those graduates who may still be seeking employment and refer their resume to prospective employers.

*The institution evaluates success with respect to student achievement including, as appropriate, consideration of course completion, state licensing examinations, and job placement rates. (Student achievement)​

**Please note that your CDS registration is NOT complete until you have created your profile and have an approved resume in Handshake.


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