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How to Register with CDS

Welcome to the office of Career Development Services at Alabama A&M University. Complete steps 1-3 to be cleared by CDS for Graduation.  Complete all 4 steps to be fully approved and eligible to participate in on campus interviews. 

1. Activate and complete your profile:   by using your University email account

2. ​You will need to create a Resume. Visit\cds and follow the instructions provided in the Resume Guide for your college.  Use the resume template provided and or attend a Resume Writing WorkshopName and save your resume in this format: Last Name, First Name, Major. 

3. Get your resume Reviewed and Approved. Contact the CDS office to set up an appointment for a resume critique with a Career Counselor OR stop by with your resume for a 15 minute, one-on-one Resume Critique Session (see schedule below).  Once your resume has been approved by a CDS Career Counselor, upload the APPROVED resume to your completed profile in Handshake. 

4.  Participate in an Interviewing Skills Workshop (see Workshop section below for schedule) or a mock interview to become eligible to participate in on-campus interviews (i.e. Interview Day, Employer-requested campus interviews). 


  • Resume Writing Workshop

       2nd Tuesday of the Month, 2p-2:30p

  • Interviewing Skills Workshop

       2nd Tuesday of the Month, 3p-3:30p

  • Resume Critique Session

      Monday, 9a-12p & Thursday, 3:30p-4:30p

  • ​CDS Online Resources

      Wednesday, 2p-2:30p


    Workshops are held in the Conference Room of the CDS office.

    Days/Times: Subject to change, contact the CDS Office to confirm.

    Business attire is not required to attend the above workshops.​


​ ​​​​