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How to Register with CDS

AAMU students who register with CDS, must first complete a CDS registration form and pay a one-time $25 registration fee.  When the application has been completed and the fee has been paid, the applicant will receive a school password that will enable the applicant to complete their registration on the BulldogCareers system.  To complete your registration, you must:


1. Log onto the BulldogCareers website

2. Click the “Click Here to Register” link.

3. Fill in your profile information and enter the CDS-assigned school password that is found at the bottom of your copy of the registration form, then click “Register”.


    • Complete as much information in your profile as you can.  The fields marked with an * are mandatory.

    • Proof your information to make sure that it has been entered correctly.  BulldogCareers uses the information contained in your profile to ensure that you will receive the correct job information according to your course of study.  If you accidently list yourself as a Chemistry major instead of an Accounting major, you will not show up in the appropriate searches nor receive the appropriate information about accounting career opportunities.

    • It is also vital that you update your profile each semester.  Items such as your GPA and classification change with each new semester. Change your expected date of graduation as the need arises.


4.  Enter your email address, then enter it again to ensure that it has been entered accurately.

5.  Click “Submit.”  BulldogCareers will send an email confirmation of your registration.