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Registration through BulldogCareers

All students (except non-traditional students and international students who are returning to their home country) are now required to register with CDS through BulldogCareers. BulldogCareers is the on-campus recruiting management system provided by CSO Research, Inc. for use by the Career Development Services office.  This system is used to automate registration and resume preparation for all registrants.


Students sometimes resort to desperate measures in order to find employment. Please don't ignore your common sense and disregard safety issues while engaging in your job search.

Your resume can possibly fall into the unscrupulous hands without your knowing it. There are individuals who could prey upon a student who is anxious to land a good job. So when interviewing on your own; be mindful of your personal safety.

  1. If someone wants to schedule an interview in a “private” place such as a hotel room or a personal residence, suggest a public place like a hotel lobby or a restaurant.

  2. If someone you don’t know wants to take you to an interview location or a worksite in an automobile, be cautious. Ask to see verifying identification and a business card.

  3. If someone says they got your resume from CDS or through BulldogCareers and you are suspicious, contact us.  Let us look into it and verify that the person is with the organization mentioned.

  4. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, DON’T DO IT. No job is worth compromising your safety or your principles.


If you have any questions, please contact a CDS staff member.



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