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After-Hour Services

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​​    A number of resources are provided for students who are in need of immediate medical or mental health assistance outside of the normal operating hours for the Student Health and Counseling Clinic. 

If you are in an emergency or need immediate assistance, then please contact the Department of Public Safety or call  911

​​After-Hours Resources​​
Medical On-Call Number

The Medical on-call number will get you in touch with a medical professional who will assisty you with obtaining emergency services. THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY HOTLINE.                               

​​ (256) 425-420

CHP Licensed Nurse Hotline​ 

The CHP Hotline provides medical advice 24 hours a day throughout the year.

 (800) 557-0309 
Counseling On-Call Number

​The Counseling on-call number will get you in touch with a mental health professional who will assist you with obtaining emergency mental health services.THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY HOTLINE.

 (256) 425-4554 

​​​​​ ​​